Concert Review: Rodrigo y Gabriela, Mar 5 Phoenix

Toronto – Flamenco rockers Rodrigo Y Gabriela made their Canadian debut at the Phoenix last Friday and delivered an exhilarating performance that left the crowd positively energized. The fans who were familiar with their work got exactly what they were looking for, and the newbies were about to learn how just how frenzied a show can be with only two acoustic nylon-string guitars. This is the type of show that you want to bring all of your friends to, because you know just how infectious the energy will be. Rod & Gab did not disappoint.

Man, this is nothing like a Pantera show. I haven’t even been head-butted [awestruck metal-head concert goer as the crowd politely moved aside to allow him to pass by]

As mentioned in our preview, Rodrigo & Gabriela are Mexican born guitarists that moved to Ireland to make it in the music business. They blend rock and flamenco into a style that’s pure octane. The crowd was an eclectic bunch: guitarists, hardcore metal-heads, latin-lovers, and their friends. Rod & Gab played a lot of material from their latest release 11:11, but finished off the show with hits like Tamacun and Viking Man from their original self-titled release.

It was a treat to see Gabriela open up a bit by telling us some stories of when they first moved to Ireland. Both guitarists swear like sailors with an endearing Irish-Mexican accent. She went onto explain that that’s just how they learned to speak English when they arrived in Ireland. The duo compliment each other extremely well; but Gabriela’s performance in particular caused the crowd’s collective jaw to drop. Her blazing right-hand combined with her impeccable sense of rhythm and sheer energy is a sight to see. There were times when she buried her head in the neck of her guitar and you just can’t help but get drawn in.

I was waiting for this show since the moment it was announced; it was exactly what I hoped it would be. I look forward to the next time Rodrigo Y Gabriela make it to Toronto. Anyone who attended is going to want to see them again, and bring their friends. It’s a musical experience that you simply feel compelled to share; and that’s the highest kind of praise.

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  1. Paul

    True story: I actually did get headbutted at a Pantera show. Sort of.

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