SXSW Primer: Athlete

Toronto – Can you believe the band Athlete now has 4 albums out? I can’t. It just seemed like last week they gently slid into the scene with their laid back summery singles “You Got the Style” and “El Salvador”. However, that was almost seven years ago. Where has time gone? Athlete’s fourth album – Black Swan comes out in the US today (it has been out in the UK for awhile) and as with any band who has anything to release this year, they will be flooding SXSW with a bunch of shows.

For me, Athlete has been a band that’s always kinda been there, lurking in the background. I like their music, but have yet to attach myself emotionally to it, like girls do to Robert Pattinson. But then again, I don’t think I do that anyways, so it’s probably a moot point. I will definitely be attending one of their many showcases though, as their song Wires (off their sophomore effort Tourist) is sensational and definitely one of those songs I want to listen to live.

You can stream their whole album here:

Here is a youtube video of their latest single “The Getaway”, with it’s slow melodic grooves and a big chorus, this song seems primed for a montage in Gossip Girl where all the characters think about all the mistakes they have made in that episode, while looking really really good.

SXSW Schedule
Thursday 3/18 – 2:40PM Fontana @ Buffalo Billiards / The Lodge
Thursday 3/18 – 10:00PM Billboard Showcase @ Habana Bar Backyard

Friday 3/19 – 3:00PM Express Showcase @ The Phoenix

Saturday 3/20 – 2:40PM Filter @ Cedar Street Courtyard
Saturday 3/20 – 1:00AM The Bedford at SXSW

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  1. Jen

    Not bad, but a little boring, no? Handsome gents, though…

  2. Ricky

    yeah they are a bit tame. still worth checkin it out

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