Concert Preview: Rodrigo y Gabriela, Mar 5, Phoenix

Toronto – Flamenco rock guitar virtuoso’s Rodrigo Y Gabriela will be playing the Phoenix this Friday March 5th. It’s been a while since I’ve been this psyched about a live show. The day these tickets went on sale, I high-tailed it over to Rotate This and bought 10 tickets so I could take myself and 9 friends. That’s how much I like this band.

Rodrigo and Gabriela are two Mexican born guitarists that moved to Ireland to make it as musicians. They grew up on a steady diet of rock, but blend this with impeccable flamenco technique. Rodrigo takes care of the fiery lead guitar, while Gabriela’s ridiculously fast right-hand keeps the rhythm bounding along with ever-increasing energy. They released a live CD called “Live in Japan” which includes a DVD of their live performance. If seeing them this Friday is even half as exciting as what you see on the DVD, this will be one incendiary show.

They’re touring their latest release, 11:11, where every song on the album is a tribute to an influential guitarist. The eclectic tribute list includes jazz great Al Di Meola, flamenco legend Paco de Lucia, and Pantera’s metal rocker Dimebag Darrell. Rod & Gab draw on any number of influences to bring flamenco guitar into the 21st century. However you can especially hear their rock influence in their music as they play a Metallica tune note for note, but flamenco style. Their rendition of Stairway to Heaven is a highlight at live shows.

Rodrigo Y Gabriela are on a tour that includes North America in March, Europe in April, and the UK in November. They play the Phoenix this Friday.

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