Concert Review: Diamond Rings, Russian Futurists [Wavelength 500, Feb 11, 2010, Steam Whistle Brewery]

Ricky and I were really excited to see Polaris Prize winners, Holy Fuck, who were headlining the Thursday night Wavelength 500 show at the Steam Whistle Brewery. On the way to the show, we both concluded that we were going to be disappointed since a quick search revealed that Fucked Up won the Polaris Prize last year, not Holy Fuck. Two bands with Fuck in their names? What the fuck? I am familiar with both bands, but still get them mixed up. We proceeded to the brewery regardless since the probability of drinking beer was pretty high. It kind of reminded me when I bought tickets to see Woodhands, and I ended up seeing Woodpigeon. What can you do?

We missed the Fembots and Professor Fingers. We did see the Russian Futurists. I love the Russian Futurists. They have some pretty poppy beats. Their set consisted of mostly new material, with some Paul Simon action thrown in at the end. I guess this is due to some new cast members (The drummer from Shout Out Out Out) and because they have a new album The Weight’s On The Wheel, which is due out this summer. Cadence Weapon came on for an ever so quick cameo wearing the best 1985 sweater that I have ever seen. The dry whit of Matthew Hart between songs was pretty comical. Also, if you need a band T-shirt, I would suggest a Russian Futurists shirt. They are cool.

Next up was Diamond Rings. This was my first time checking him out, but after hearing that he opened up for La Roux a few months ago I was excited to see what he would bring. He sounded great and the crowd was really into it. There is something about tall people on stage. They just have a certain presence about them. Diamond Rings certainly has the super star thing going on. As far as big acts to break out of Toronto, I would say that Diamond Rings is well on his way. If I was to throw a party and wanted to give it some cred, I would be sure to invite Diamond Rings. Having a member of Sloan at your party just doesn’t cut it any more.

We stuck around to see Fucked Up, I mean Holy Fuck, but we didn’t stay long and hit the road pretty early into it.

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