Concert Review: Little Boots, Wrongbar, Sept 15


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Good things come to those who wait.

Half an hour til midnight and Victoria Hesketh aka Little Boots had yet to take the stage at Wrongbar. The little Tenori-On on the side of the stage was slowly flashing the name Little Boots in it’s little dots and everyone was waiting..and waiting.

5 minutes later later, a tiny singer came out, the opening sounds of “Meddle” came on, and all the bitterness towards having to be at a late show on a Monday night was all forgotten. Last night’s fantastic display of pop music can be summarized by lyrics from Little Boot’s hit single New in Town:

I’m gonna take you out tonight
I’m gonna make you feel alright

The lyrics may not be scholarly worthy, but it is based on the premise of truth – going to a Little Boots show is going to make you feel alright. Ask anyone at the show last night. Armed with a drummer and a synth/effects guy, Little Boots played a very efficient and energetic set consisting of the songs off her debut album Hands as well as the Freddie Mercury cover Love Kills off the Buffet Libre compilation.

Having listened to the albums many times, the live versions of the songs definitely make you realize that most of these songs have some great anthem elements to them. Songs like “Earthquake” and “Symmetry” sounded much better (and more important) then their album counterparts due to the hyped up choruses in the live setting. Similarly, hit songs like “Remedy” and set closer “Stuck on Repeat” (with a drum/bass heavy extended intro) sounded like the dance floor classics you had expected.

All in all, a fantastic show.

*PS . Wrongbar, perhaps you should figure out an AC system that works + we don’t need a smoke machine.

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4 Responses to Concert Review: Little Boots, Wrongbar, Sept 15

  1. Snooty Lifestyle

    Great Show/Review

    I reviewed it as well, I also posted some pics I took. check it out SnootyLifestyle.Com

  2. Chris

    I’m loving the cover.

    How long has that Biffetlibre Rewind 2 been around? A while or is it pretty new?

  3. Ricky

    its been around for a half year maybe

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