SXSW Review: Hot Panda, March 18, Beauty Bar

Austin – In what was purely coincidental, our first show of SXSW was seeing a Canadian band from Edmonton who just arrived from Toronto (CMW). Our initial interest was to see Project Jenny Project Jan, but we arrived earlier and unexpected saw this band. The band is called Hot Panda Wade had pimped them up for CMW, I am not sure whether he saw them or not.

Having arrived just 20 minutes prior to their show, Hot Panda quickly setup and started their blend of honest eclectic Canadian dance rock (seems like all Edmonton bands are that way, a bit weird, but still Canadian..must be the winters). Unfortunately, there was only about 15 people in the audience and the bar wasn’t an open bar yet. Talking to the band afterwards, they seemed to be quite nice people and were genuinely excited to be at SXSW. They also seemed to be quite happy about the open bar as well.

This is a short review, but it was a short show…and I have a short memory.

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