Virgin Festival 08: Matt Costa and Moby

Toronto – Well. Around the time that Vik reported about Oasis’ Noel being pushed on stage, we were walking out of the gig feeling a bit robbed. No Champagne Supernova, and an acoustic Don’t Look Back In Anger. I suggested if each person who purchased a ticket gets to punch the guy once, he’d be very very sorry.

But before the last gig this has been quite a good festival. I’ll leave Ricky his portion of the pie to tell, only that Bloc Party was on the top of the pic. Matt Costa has been a light one to listen to on a bad day since 2006. It sounds like blues with Californian sugar additives, just enough to remain cool – you can’t blame the former skateboarder – the formula works. Matt sang mostly from his new album, despite this girl at the front who kept yelling for him to play Cold December. He sounded basically the same live as on the albums. I thought that set was good fun to listen to.

Moby wasn’t so fun to photograph. He was cool enough to let us on stage – but he had no time to play with us – there was literally a 5 min. line up just to get up close and personal. Well, if anyone knows how to work a mosh-pit crowd into a nightclub, he was the one. If I was the business-type, I’d open a pedicure shop right beside the Barcardi Live tent. There it was, full of mud/gunk from the rain earlier, and there were girls dancing in their heels not caring if their feet will be covered in green god-knows-what-flavor slime. The tent actually overflowed with people. Moby would jump away from the DJ table sometimes and gesture the crowd like a conductor. It was great while my turn lasted. But when I left the stage I didn’t care to get back in… the noise was a bit too much if you’re not dancing.

So that’s it right now. Keep your eyes peeled for more photos.

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