Concert Review: Black Kids, May 9th, Phoenix

(Toronto) Really, this show was a maybe for me, but when Rickys’ friend had an extra ticket, it became a must see.

We got there in time to hear the opener, The Mobius Band. I felt bad when they took the stage and started playing because they essentially played in the dark. The low mood that was used to illuminate the slew of instruments on stage as people entered the Phoenix, also served as performance lights for the Mobius Band. Needless to say, seeing them live didn’t want me open up iTunes to listen to them again. Bring on the Black Kids.

Since they formed in Jacksonville, Florida two years ago, Black Kids have:

-Got press in NME after performing at the Athens Popfest
-Released an EP for free download
-Got a ‘Best New Music commendation and an 8.4 from Pitchfork
-Signed with Quest Management (who manages Bjork and Arcade Fire)
-Named one of the best new bands of 2008 from Rolling Stone
-Recorded their first full length, Partie Traumatic with Bernard Butler form Suede
-I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You debuted at #11 in the UK.

So yah, they are riding some momentum into this year for sure. I guess the most obvious thing that I was interested in seeing was if they were actually Black or not. Upon them taking the stage I found out that the Black Kids are two-fifths black. The five-member ensemble took the stage in the usual American Apparel hoodies and T’s and reminded me, visually at least, of The Go Team! As for their sound, they have some catchy, dance tunes that I am sure will be re-mixed and released in the coming months.

Their stand out single “I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You” was the highlight of the show for sure. If you are a band and you are selling a t-shirt with the title of one of your songs on it, it had better be a good tune. Songs that I hadn’t heard, such as I Wanna Be Your Limousine and Look At Me When I Rock Wichoo (it is really spelled that way too) were pleasant surprises that were not included on there downloadable EP earlier this year.

Apparently at their live show, their front man, Reggie Youngblood, starts every song with “Hey Toronto…” I’m not too sure how they are going to feel about this in Boston on May 12th. Maybe he thought we in attendance couldn’t remember where we were? I hate that shout out shit that bands do.

Ricky made a good comparison on the way home that they seem to be on the same track as Vampire Weekend. The lead singer has a unique sound, they are fun, and they are getting lots of press. They’ll be back in the coming months for a headlining show, guarantee.

Overall, a good show. When they come back, I want them to be louder with more energy.

After Black Kids, Cold Cut went on. If you saw them and want to leave a note about their contribution to the evening, please do.

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4 Responses to Concert Review: Black Kids, May 9th, Phoenix

  1. Josh

    “Ricky’s Friend”, and former forgotten Panic Manual journalist here to comment on Australian’s Cut Copy (not cut and paste production dual Coldcut). Cut Copy were fantastic. Entertaining outfit who went through a good mix of old and new material while spiriting the crowd to jump and get down to their electro new wave eighties beats, which they did. Highlight of the night was their delivery of the fantastic new single Lights and Magic. Being hyped as the New Order of the 2000s may be a fare comparision but this band does have its own unique sounds. Fantastic concert, although I will have to say I was extremely disappointed with the Black Kids show. Other than the hit single and a few other tracks I thought they were utterly crap and was far more entertained by openers Mobius Band. Shame. I look forward to hearing the Black Kids first LP and see if they can change my opinion.

    Now back to one line reviews at Indie Kid Vs Dance Kid.


  2. Wade

    Umm…yah….Cut Copy, not Cold Cut. My mistake. I think another reason I didn’t stay to watch them was that all week, I kept forgetting their name. Cold Cut, Copy & Past, Copy Cunt. I got it now, Cut Copy.

  3. Ricky

    you sound like a bitter old man, josh

  4. Josh

    Thats right. Bitter. Old.

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