The Luyas/Katie Stelmanis, Silver Dollar, Jan 11, 2008

Toronto – I really enjoy seeing shows at the Silver Dollar. It is a small venue with character. Once I got in, I made my way to the bar, ordered myslef a bottle of 50 and had a look around. The crowd was mostly young geek-sheek girls. Lots of girls. There were Young Galaxy t-shirts and members of Ohbijou everywhere. Truthfully, I felt old. Meh, whatever.

The Luyas went on and Jessie rocked it out. The live show was much more upbeat than the CD which was a good thing since Faker Death can be pretty mellow at points. The bare foot French horn player was different too.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from Katie Stelmanis since I don’t think I have ever been to an experimental, classically trained composers’ show. Now that I think about it, that description really fit what I heard. Katie belted out lyrics over whatever was on her ipod, a marching-drum-line and keyboard loops. It was all very intesnse and movie soundtrack-ish. Her voice can be pretty haunting and when you put it over some simple percussion, it intensifies it that much more. I could only stay for the first four songs before I had to leave, but from what I saw and heard I would definitely check her out again.

One more thing I need to mention. A certain fashion trend that caught my attention at the show. High rise jeans. Maybe this is a new trend, or maybe it is an old one and I am just catching up on, but there were more than a few ladies wearing their pantaloons up around their under wire. I first noticed the trend on a girl who was standing a few steps away from me while I clicked a couple of pictures during the Luyas set. She had on a pair of high rise jeans that clearly were zipped up well above her belly button and showed the entire curvature of her stomach. I looked at them for a couple of seconds, then looked up at her and realized that she was looking at me looking at, what would seem her, her crotch. It was awkward for a moment, but the moment passed. Then I thought to myself “hmmmm, those are different”. Then I thought some more and realized that my thoughts were positive. Seems that I kind of like the high risers. They are sharp and they didn’t look out of place on my new friend. Maybe I’m thinking this way becasue I was a huge Dallas fan (who shot J.R.?) back in the day? Yes, high rise jeans, two thumbs up.

Shit, Maybe I am old?


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2 Responses to The Luyas/Katie Stelmanis, Silver Dollar, Jan 11, 2008

  1. Ricky

    i think my grandmother wears high rise jeans

  2. Wade

    then your grandmother is cool

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