Concert Review: Interpol, June 7, Guvernment

Toronto – After playing some shit hole towns on their most recent tour, Interpol returned to Toronto on Thursday to play a sold out show at the Guvernment. Going into this concert, I wasn’t overly enthused about the show, as I was not the biggest fan of the Guvernment. I don’t even know why it’s spelled that way, unless Arnold Schwarzenegger spelled it. Man, I really miss Arnold movies, you can always count on a good ole “get daaaoowwwn” or a “get oooouttah heee-ahh” for any Arnold movie.

On to the show. Man oh man, the guv must of renovated or something since I was last here (for the Rapture) because, well, it’s freaking fantastic concert venue now. Before, the stage used to be in the corner, so the sightlines wasn’t that great and the stage felt a bit small. Now, the stage lines up the far edge of the wall, which must of taken away some capacity and the stage is nice and high and it improves the sight line dramatically. Very smart, it made the show feel semi-cozy (for a large show). Coupled with a nice sound system and a decent light show and I think you got the new best mid-size venue concert place in Toronto. The only crappy part was they only sold Coors light, canadian, heiny and coronas. What a crap selection. They only sold the midget version of heiny cans too. wat up wit dat? we aint midgets, dont sell us midget beers.

Let me say this, Interpol is probably the best dressed indie band out there. They all came out in like, suits. Carlos D looked like Neo from the Matrix, only if Neo was french, drank wine and ate cheese all day. The crowd was pretty receptive towards this bunch. One of the worries i had going into the show was that Interpol would just play most of the stuff off their upcoming LP and ignore their old stuff. However this was not the case, thru out the show Interpol played a good mix of new and old. The only complain I have about their set is that they didn’t play “The Specialist”, which is my favorite Interpol song. Overall, Interpol was the same as last time, more or less. I am thinking the fact they play with a slight disinterest only favors them once or twice. I mean, you see people go crazy for their music like CSS or British Sea Power and then you see Interpol standing around and just trying to look cool, it gets a bit old.

Interpol – 3.5/5

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