Concert Review: Arcade Fire, May 15, Massey Hall

Toronto – What can you say about Arcade Fire that hasn’t already been said about Jesus? Just kidding… yesterday nite, the Arcade Fire played one of their two Toronto shows and I was lucky enough to be able to score a few tickets to attend this show. The show was at Massey Hall, which is always a plus. Me and my peeps (which I will refer to as Meeps) had tickets in rows D and H, which is pretty good, only they were way off to the side so the speakers were in the way. That became a moot point though, because as soon as the Montreal band took the stage, Win was all like ‘yo, get yo asses out in the middle’ and then all the people on the floor with crappy seats made a beeline for the front. Using a combination of size, speed and amazing football moves courtesy of flag football/madden 07, I was able to maneuver me and my friend to pretty much the middle of the stage, about five feet back.

Anyone who’s a fan of their music will know that Arcade Fire rules live. They rule hard. The band started off with Black Mirror, then whipped thru a bunch of their newer songs, all of which sound great live. The only complaint I’d have is that some of their slower songs don’t really translate as well. I mean, their powerful songs are so intense, its a bit of a let down when they go to their more mellow stuff.

They played for slightly over an hour…maybe 80 minutes or so, going back to their older (and more popular songs) as the concert progressed. My big complaint with the show was that they didn’t play Wake Up. Last time I saw them at the Danforth Music Hall, they ended the show with that song and invited peeps on stage. I was totally anticipating that, and I was looking forward to rushing the stage at Massey, but that didn’t happen, which kinda sucked.

+ massey hall
+ freaking intense show
+ five feet away

- no Wake Up
– person in front of me kept on backing up, instead of moving forward. why move up to the stage, if you gradually plan to move away from the stage as the show progress?
– rain outside
– forgot my crappy camera

show rating 5/5

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