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Awesome Song of the Day: Young Galaxy – Crying Your Heart Out

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I was just going to wait until the 8 minute version of this song was available for streaming, but who knows when that is happening. Anyways, Crying Your Heart Out is a single off the DELUXE version of Ultramarine from Canadian band Young Galaxy. It’s fantastic. It’s like the 80’s song I never knew I loved. One of the most catchy choruses I have heard all year. Young Galaxy is one of those bands who seem to get better with each release. You would think that happens for most bands, but it doesn’t. I’m not sure how I feel about bands that release “deluxe” versions of their albums – it seems to punish real fans who buy their records right away, but then again, if Bieber can do it, why not?

The deluxe version of Ultramarine comes out September 24th, 2013. The non deluxe version is out now.

Osheaga 2012 Preview! Part 2: What to see on Saturday

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Alright all, here is part 2 of the Osheaga Festival preview! Saturday’s schedule is just as ram packed as Friday, and another day I will have a rough time picking who to see and who to miss! Check out some of the artists below.

1. The Dø – French and Finnish band, folky, dancy, bit grungy, female vocals.

2. Memoryhouse – Toronto dream pop duo signed to Sub Pop. Listen to The Years EP. Canada’s answer to Beach House

3. Portugal. The Man – Just, really stoked to see these guys live. Fired their drummer Spinal Tap style mid-show for unknown reasons.

4. Calexico – Sometimes described as “desert noir”, equally as stoked to see them. Did an excellent split with The Walkmen sometime back and recorded with Iron & Wine.

5. Black Lips – Self described “Flower Punk”, straight out of Atlanta Georgia and have an insane live show. Vomiting on stage, urination, nudity, although word is they’ve calmed down a bit.

6. Plants and Animals – Montreal’s own indie rock. Main staging it mid afternoon

7. Cursive – These guys have been together for close to 20 years now. Toured with the best of them, definitely a band to catch.

8. Young The Giant – Rock band from the states, a song featured on Glee that has now gained seven million hits on YouTube. Kind of sound like Jimmy Eat World.

9. Young Galaxy – Vancouver based dream pop band. One of the my favorite band names of all time. Very fun, playing the smallest stage in the Park, but sure to fill it to the brim. Their video for We have Everything is pretty fantastic as well.

10. A$AP Rocky – Critically acclaimed debut mixtape LivLoveA$AP, toured with Drake, straight out of Harlem and arrested in a brawl the night before his debut television performance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

11. Garbage – Well, they’re certainly not a heaping pile of waste, that’s for sure. Shirley Manson is still a sexy bitch and I would love to see if they’ve still got it.

12. Yeasayer – Recently released their new album stream via an online scavenger hunt. One of the acts I’m most excited for.

13. Feist, Snoop Dogg (or Lion if he would prefer to be called), Jesus and Mary Chain – I don’t really need to do a write up of these guys, both epic in their own right, all worth seeing.

2011, The Final Recap. Top 10 Albums, Songs, Foods, Travel, Writers

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Because I can’t help myself

10 Albums I Listened to the Most This Year

Destroyer – Kaputt
The Vaccines – What Did You Expect From The Vaccines
The Horrors – Skying
Hooded Fang – Tosta Mista
Wild Beasts – Smother
Young Galaxy – Shapeshifting
Black Lips – Arabia Mountain
Washed Out – Within and Without
British Sea Power – Vahalla Dancehall
The Rapture – In the Grace of Your Love

10 Songs

M83 – Midnight City
Girls – Vomit
The Vaccines – Post Break Up Sex
Austra – Lose It
The Rapture – How Deep Is Your Love
The Horrors – Still Life
Cut Copy / Architecture in Helsinki – Need You Now
Foster The People – Pumped Up Kicks/Houdini (inescapably catchy)
Young Galaxy – Cover Your Tracks
Adele – Someone Like You (Buffet Libre Remix) *don’t really like original

10 Eating Experiences

Cinc Sentits
Guinea Pig
Alpaca Tenderloin
Squid Black Ink Paella, BOMBAS! aka Everything in Barcelona
Legit Kofte
Sugar Mamma‘s Mini Donuts
Pide / Turkish Pizza
Salt Lick / Iron Works / Everything in Austin

Top 10 Travel Memories

Pulp, Primavera
Hiking Machu Picchu
Amazon Rainforest
Istanbul’s Bosphorous
Familia Sagrada, Barcelona
Blue Mosque / Sophia Hagia / Basilica Cistern
Freezing ass off skating down Ottawa Canal
Going to Sam Adams brewery..when it was closed
Crashing coworker’s wedding and err, high school concert in Istanbul

Top 10 Panic Manual Writers

Paul – what a tank, traveled the world, reviewed shows from Austin, Guelph, Barcelona, Paris and Denmark among others. Shaved his sideburns into a star for Halloween.

Brian – Fringe/Theatre MVP, Writes Jazz pieces and also produced a baby.

Wade – Jack of all trades will be coming with you with an insanely brilliant album review series next year, and also, provided us with endless donuts throughout the year.

Mark – Covers Jazz and Worldly music like no one else, also, will go to whatever NXNE show I tell him to go to. Interviewed someone.

Allison – Eighties music experts went to more 80s bands this year than one could imagine, while constantly lamenting about how hot and fit those fifty year old singers were. Managed to not piss off an entire local band’s fanbase this year too.

Sarah – Our only writer with Elite status on Air Canada. Sarah was too busy mimicking George Clooney’s character from Up in the Air to delight us with too many show reviews but she still listened to more Canadian music than all of us (minus Wade) combined.

Stacey – Our newest casual Toronto writer has true appreciation for local and cancon music and is the only member of the Panic Manual team that could legitimately save your life (she’s a doctor). Also, compared an RAA show to sex.

Halley and Celeste – The youngest and brightest writers on our blog, the sisters of destruction listen to all the hip and new music I used to listen to. They’ll provide you with insight on boatloads of new bands and songs next year, while the rest of us sit around in our rocking chairs reminiscing about the nineties.

Gary and Derek – Our two resident photographers, Gary moved himself onto the set of the Wire / Baltimore last year and has since become a nutjob who dedicates his year end article to the occupy movement. Still, he takes amazing pictures. Derek not only took amazing pictures at SXSW, he took them while being completely inebriated. Also, provided us with the minibooth for our 90s party.

Vik – Our graphics and layout guy Vik had the pleasure of making this site look pretty this year. Also, has a really cute kid and let me borrow Red Dead Redemption for half a year


Overall, just like Tori Amos said.. “Pretty Good Year”


It’s coming.
Be ready to rock.
Be ready to roll.

Canadian Music Week 2011 Preview

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Toronto – Another year, another Canadian Music Fest.  From March 9 through to March 13, a whole lot of bands both Canadian and otherwise will be filling venues throughout the city.  Here’s a selection of the ones who caught our attention.

Alcoholic Faith Mission: If you’ll forgive the bad alcohol based pun, these Danes have had a good buzz going lately.  Ricky wrote about them here.

Alcoholic Faith Mission play Rancho Relaxo on March 9 @ 12:00 pm, The Dakota on March 11 @ 12:00 pm, and The El Mocambo on March 12 @ 8:00 pm.

Alcoholic Faith Mission – Closer To Dallas by Paper Garden Records

Butterfly Explosion:These Irish shoegazey alt-rockers have been described as “My Bloody Valentine meets M83 meets Sigur Ros in Heaven.”

Butterfly Explosion plays The Hideout on Thursday, March 10 @ 2:00 am.

Butterfly Explosion :: Closer by Harmless Noise

Charlotte Cornfield:This Montreal based singer-songwriter offers up some catchy folk-rock that has already garnered her radio play on the CBC as well as appearances at the Hillside Festival, Mariposa Folk Festival, the Ottawa Folk Festival, and Pop Montreal.

Charlotte Cornfield plays Thursday, March 10 @ 8:30 pm at Sneaky Dee’s as part of the Audio Blood showcase.

Elephant Stone: Awesome sitar tinged, poppy psych rock from Montreal.  They’re playing here before they head to SXSW to play about a billion shows.  Should be a good time.

Elephant Stone play Rancho Relaxo @ 1:00 am on Friday, March 11.

Elephant Stone – Bombs Bomb Away by 360degreemusic

Heavy Cream: Fun, energetic punk rock from Nashville.  They definitely bring the goods live.  Their video for “Watusi”is all kinds of awesome and features smoke bombs, ouija boards and various shenanigans.

Heavy Cream play Wrongbar @ 11:00 pm on Saturday, Mar. 12.  Also on the bill are The Pack A.D. and Ty Segall.

J Mascis/Kurt Vile/James Vincent McMorrow:  If you’re looking to stay in one place for awhile, this is a pretty good lineup.  The Dinosaur Jr. frontman and Mr. Vile will offer up some guitar heroics while McMorrow brings the mellow folk tunes.

At The Great Hall on March 11.  James Mc Morrow @ 9:15 pm, Kurt Vile @ 10:00 pm, Kurt Vile @ 11:00 pm.

Janet Jackson: Because you never know when you might witness a wardrobe malfunction in action.

Janet Jackson plays The Sony Centre on March 12 and 13.

Maestro Fresh Wes: Let your backbone slide!

Maestro Fresh Wes plays Maro on Saturday, March 12.

Monster Truck: Let’s face it, monster trucks are awesome.  They can crush other, smaller vehicles and have cool names like Grave Digger.  Therefore, a band named Monster Truck must also be awesome.  The Hamilton band’s bio describes their sound as “big like metal, classic like rock, fierce like punk and sweet like pop.”  

Monster Truck play 2 shows on Friday, March 11 @ 11:00 pm at The Bovine Sex Club and  @ 2:00 am at Lee’s Palace. 

Runnin’ by Monster Truck

Topanga:Calm down, Boy Meets World Fans.  Danielle Fishel will not be appearing at CMW.  However, this Toronto band, whose rambunctious sound falls somewhere between folk and punk, will be. 

Topanga plays The Silver Dollar @ 2:00 am on Thursday, March 10. 

Topanga-Loose Circus by Topanga

Young Galaxy: Ricky wrote about them here.

Young Galaxy play Lee’s Palace on March 10 @ 11:30 pm

There you have it.  Just a small sample of the many bands playing Canadian Music Week.  Enjoy.