SXSW Song of the Day: Sleepy Kitty – Don’t You Start

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I don’t read a lot of the PR emails, so I was not sure why I decided to read one that had this in the subject:

“Sleepy Kitty (ex. Harvey Danger)”

Maybe it is because Harvey Danger’s song Flagpole Sitta is the theme show to my favorite comedy of all time (Peep Show). Or maybe it was because that song was also part of this internet famous lip-dub video

This video was the first in a series of work lip-dub videos, I think. All of them were made during the .com boom of a few years ago where people were all like ‘holy, I can make money on the internet?’ and all the 20 somethings joined twitter and became digital strategists/social media/lifestyle gurus. This video was posted in 2007 and at the time, I thought wow what a cool company, until I realized everyone in the office was white. I am now going to dissect this video, because it is me.


This picture paints what an ideal .com mid 2000’s company would be like – open concept, great location (look at the windows) and cute girls. Two of those three are easy to obtain.


Behind this girl are your two typical it guys. The first on the left of the girl is probably a hardcore nerd who runs ubuntu on everything and scoffs at the notion of putting effort behind something as shallow as physical appearance while the other guy just subscribed to GQ magazine in order to upgrade his game, but still is young enough to not want to tuck in his dress shirt with leafs into his pants properly and/or groom his facial hair.

I just realized that analyzing this video would take too long/be really pointless so let’s go back to the email.

Sleepy Kitty is a duo featuring Paige Brubeck and Evan Sult. Sult was the drummer for “alt-radio” band Harvey Danger. What does it say about a band when they can only describe the type of radio station it is played on in the PR email. Anyways, the duo is from St. Louis and they have been impressing some people with their record Projection Room. It features some good honest guitar rock arrangements with the sweet harmonies that highlight Paige Brubeck’s vocal work. It sounds like it could of been from the 90’s, but don’t we all love the 90’s anyway? The duo will be playing a bunch of shows at SXSW, so be sure to check them out if you get a chance.

Thurs, March 13 @ 4:30 – Showcase – Hyde Park
Thurs, March 13 @ 9pm – Music Saves Lives – Fire House Lounge (605 Brazos Street)
Fri, March 14 @ 4pm – Red Bull Stage – Darwin’s Pub (223 E 6th Street)
Fri, March 14 @ 11pm – Red Gorilla Showcases – Amped (300 E 6th Street)
Sat, March 15 @ 12pm – Midcoast Takeover Showcase – Shangri La (1016 E 6th Street)
Sat, March 15 @ 11pm – Future of Music Showcase – Shiner’s Saloon (422 Congress Ave)

SXSW Song of the Day: Deathcrush – Lesson #16 for Beatmaster V / Fun

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Aside from Fjords, their propensity to excel at the Winter olympics and overpriced everything, I don’t know a whole lot about them. I definitely don’t know a lot about their music scene. Enter Deathcrush. I mean, first of all. What a name. DEATHCRUSH! How does that not get you excited for everything and anything. A three piece band from Oslo, they are young, loud and brash. Their music just exudes cool. This video of one of their tracks has blown away any notion I might of had for young people in Norway. This might be one of the shows you go to at SXSW where at the end of it, you are like “I’m too old for this shit” but then maybe it’s just exactly what you need at the same time. I don’t know.

Throwback Thursday SXSW Song of the day: Coldplay – The Scientist

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It’s hard to believe that it’s been well over a decade since a rainswept Chris Martin strolled off a shitty beach and into our consciousness with that inescapable song Yellow.

Since then he has married Gwyneth Paltrow, wrote political things on his hand, named his children Moses, Table, Apple, Gravy and Northeast and generally tried to become U2. Coldplay’s popularity has not suffered- in fact, it has exploded and they are probably one of the biggest bands in the world today.

it was announced on Wednesday that Coldplay was playing Sxsw as part of the ITunes festival and so it brings this band back into my view years after I had abandoned them. Which brings me back to reminisce about their classic song “The Scientist”.

Featuring Chris Martin’s trademark sad singing accompanied by a touching piano arrangement, The Scientist was a track off their second album that help propelled the band into super stardom. You know, for what it’s worth, this was a reasonable song. On top of that, it had a really good video and gave us the classic line “Nobody said it was easy/nobody said it was so hard” which I’ve used in at least several witty Facebook comment threads. I think most people know the lyrics to this song anyway. Anyways, Coldplay are playing SXSW, maybe they are trying to gain back some indie cred. Maybe Apple paid them a million dollars. Regardless, they will be in Austin, playing the gorgeous Moody Theatre, and probably inspiring a million tweets from former hipsters losing their shit over songs like this.

SXSW Song of the Day: Blue & Gold – It’s Only You

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Brooklyn act Blue & Gold has this nice bluesy-rock vibe to them. They just recently released an self-titled EP and have been playing a lot of shows around New York, including one of my new favorite places – The Brooklyn Bowl. I hope Questlove paid them with Fried Chicken, cos that stuff was so, so delicious and I have noticed a lot of bands are really skinny. Maybe they aren’t skinny, maybe they are just malnourished. However, malnourished jeans wouldn’t really sell, so skinny it is.

Anyways, before I go even further off the cliff, their track, It’s Only You caught my ear. It’s got a nice guitar solo and yearning lyrics laid against a 50’s era rock backdrop. It makes me feel like this was a song Michael J Fox could sing in the movie Back to the Future to impress his future mother.

I think they are playing SXSW because they asked us if they could be on our showcase, which we really don’t have since we just go there to drink. Having said that, listen to their song.