SXSW Review: Viva Voce, Red Eyes Fly, March 19 2009

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Austin, TX – On the first post after 18 shows in 48 hrs, I found that there isn’t much patience in me for heavy music. Sitting outside of the outdoor Primal Scream set at 15C 1am in the morning wasn’t very nice. An actual lyrical, singing band is always nice and relaxing. Viva Voce from Portland fits my bill but they didn’t play at the wee hours of the night when I needed soft soothing songs the most. The weather was sunny, with beams of light streaming onto the stage – very nice unless you happen to look down and then you’re instantly reminded you’re at south-by with 100,000 other people…

I think they followed a band called Alberta Cross (don’t know if they are from Alberta), unlike some certain bands, they quickly set up as their crowd assembled. The percussion actually joked and let the sound guy know that he needs to not pay her extra attention and check-up on the lead vocal… funny. For some reason I can’t ever hear the lead guitar but he does sing, probably another doing when the sound-man checks out girls in the band. Their playing is dead-on with the recordings. Good songs like Free Nude Celebs and From the Devil Himself were all smooth and very enjoyable. I’m not going to describe the feeling of standing sun-strewn in a lazy bar listening to flowing guitar rifts, but you catch the drift. The band themselves are also very swimming people – there’s not much showmanship required, just music, which is the way I like it. MC made fun of the vocal and apparently he was turned on whenever she grabs the whammy… nothing wrong with that! :)

As we go on to more shows I hope we get to see more of these guys and more acoustic bands (yeah, I know, they’re not technically acoustic; sue me). If they are all as enjoyable as Viva Voce I will be a very happy man.

SXSW Review – White Lies, Cedar Street Courtyard, March 20

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White Lies

White Lies

Austin – A fun afternoon was had by all at the Filter magazine party yesterday afternoon, which was filled with the sounds of several good British bands. Seeing how us Panic Manual folks love the Brits, we knew we’d enjoy ourselves.

Upon arrival we thought we were going to miss White Lies headlining due to conflicting schedules, but the stars aligned and things got changed around. Formerly known as Fear of Flying, the Ealing (London) natives draw comparison to bands like Editors and Joy Division, though I felt that live many similarities faded away. Jason Bentley (host of KCRW’s “Morning Becomes Eclectic” in LA) introduced the band and had trouble expressing just how much he loves this band, and I can understand why. Singer Harry McVeigh has the strongest, most powerful voice I have heard in months and most certainly here at SXSW. During the chorus of “Death” I realized goosebumps were dotting my arms, and not because it was cold out (I was sweating my ass off). It was the first time that happened this week despite seeing a lot of bands I really love, which says a lot for them in my book.

There is a very serious air about White Lies, but upon a little research I found they covered Kanye West’s “Love Lockdown” on BBC radio – beautifully, of course. They seemed very humbled and appreciative that so many people had stood in a crowded courtyard with the sun beating down on them all afternoon to watch their short set. They apologized that they “may sweat a bit” since they weren’t used to the Texas heat. The band was so tight and I felt every note moving through me, unable to help swaying around and closing my eyes – okay, now I am starting to sound like an emo teenager. Anyway, don’t write this band off just because of the cliche comparisons you might read – they are going places.

SXSW: Late of the Pier vs Security Guards, Cedar Courtyard, March 20, 2009

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Austin – We’ll review the show later, but here are the pictures from the incident:

It was all fun and games until Late at the Pier plays one song too many…

Late of the Pier, SXSW, Cedar Courtyard, March 20

Security guard tells sound guy to cut the sound, sound guy refuses

Late of the Pier, SXSW, Cedar Courtyard, March 20

How Rock n Roll!

Late of the Pier, SXSW, Cedar Courtyard, March 20

Don’t mess with my buddy, bro!

Late of the Pier, SXSW, Cedar Courtyard, March 20

Round 1, Fight!

Late of the Pier, SXSW, Cedar Courtyard, March 20

Standing Ovation for the sound guy

Late of the Pier, SXSW, Cedar Courtyard, March 20

SXSW Review: Bishop Allen, Radar Room, March 19

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Bishop Allen, March 18, SXSW, Radio Room

Austin – It was a hot, sweaty Texas afternoon on the second day of SXSW and I couldn’t think of a better way to spend it then to stand in a crowded outdoor tent with no air circulation on the patio of the Radar Room for the Paste Magazine Party. With a lineup outside spanning more a block, we were lucky enough to get into the showcase just in time to catch another Brooklyn favorite of ours – Bishop Allen.

The band were doing a full assault on SXSW in promotion of their new album Grrr… (reviewed here) which was released on March 10. Thursday’s afternoon affair was the first of a few shows planned to win over some new fans. Wearing many shades of plaid (Texas has given me a new appreciation for plaid), the band took to the stage and started singing their blend of tweeish indie pop. The band was larger then I expected, with two guitarists, a bassist, a drummer and some chick on the xylophone. This larger band created a more vibrant sound, much like the album, but better.

Since this set was about 40 beers and 20 bands ago, I cannot really recall the entire set list, but it was a steady diet of material from their new album and I think one track ‘Like Castenets’ from their previous LP. Songs like ‘The Ancient Commonsense of Things’ and ‘Dimmer’ got a good reaction from the packed crowd. The guitar and vocal interplay between singers Justin Rice and Christian Rudder works extremely well in a live environment. My only disappointment from the show was that the set was waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too short. It seemed like they were cut off for some stupid reason and that was high on the not-cool-a-meter. To my delight, the song about the Chinese city – ‘Shanghai’ was the closer and had a great crowd reaction.

To sum it up, good showing, too short a set, left me wanting more.