Breaking News: Oasis Attacked at V-fest, Toronto

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liam punched at v-fest

Breaking news live from V-fest courtesy of Ricky. Apparently Liam got a taste of a Canadian knuckle sandwich. Here are the (sparse) details of what went down in text message stylee:

Ricky: Liam just got decked on stage
Me: Wtf? by who?
Ricky: No idea, came from side of stage.
Me: Any further detail?
Ricky: They continue on playing.

As I write this post, Ricky just called giving a bit more detail. He still doesn’t know who it was that punched Liam but as sure as Noel can strum some killer riffs, security stormed on stage tackling and dispatching said perpetrator, during which time Oasis left the stage for about 5 minutes, returning to play 5-6 more tunes but not nearly as much as expected. Liam sang ‘Wonderwall’ and ‘I am the Walrus’ and Noel subsequently took over vocal duties for the rest of the gig.

The set is officially over now, watch this space for updates as they transpire.

That’s rock and roll mista.

update: apparantly, security got to the fan before he got his punch on, but both men went down. It was pretty fast. I was too busy singing whats the story morning glory to notice..but then the mic dropped. Liam also sang Supersonic, but the set ended at 10:38 w/o encore.

Apparantly, it was Noel..and the guy was from under the stage, WWF Style.

1:25 mark

another view

50 second mark, followed by a NOooooooooooo by a fan at the 1:05 mark.

You have to love liam givin it to the guy after he got tackled.

Concert Review: Sandro Perri, August 21, Tranzac

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Sandro Perri

(Toronto) The Tranzac Club. A make shift venue with lots of character and some good beer on tap. Yes, after a Mill Street Wit and finding a seat at the back amongst the cute, trendy Annex couples, I was ready for the show. As some of you may know I am a fan of Sandro Perri. I recently wrote about how he got snubbed for this years Polaris Music Prize HERE, but I digress.

Sandro came out, started to tune his guitar and then busted right into Family Tree to the surprise of the chatty crowd, who quickly shut up. He stood behind a drum pedal and played his guitar while his homemade orchestra accompanied him. To his right was a metal kitchen rack with homemade chimes hanging from it. A wrench, some forks, bells, and other random pieces of scrap metal which Peace, as he was introduced as, would thoughtfully rattle at the appropriate time. To his left were more chimes, a spinning bicycle wheel and Love, who was on percussion/scratching sound duty. Although very different, the supporting soundscapes were not as distracting to Sandros’ music as I had first anticipated.

On this night, Sandro reminded me of M. Ward, but with good songs. It was a quiet show, periodically interrupted by the sound of the cash register at the bar. Although very much acoustic, Sandro surprisingly had me toe tapping with his ability to rock out even the quietest of tunes.

Up next was Friendly Rich and The Lollypop People. I didn’t stay but they are worth checking out. I just didin’t have a Friendly Rich experience in me last night.

Travel Review: Ngong Ping, Hong Kong

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Toronto – As I am watching the Beijing Olympics, it makes me realize how much I miss being in Hong Kong, being surrounded by my fellow chinamen, as we compete and scam our way to the top of the world. Of course, when the Olympics are over, us Hong Kong types go back to making backhanded remarks about how unsophisticated and rude the mainlanders are, and pondering why they keep on moving into our city. But, for now, we are one. With that in mind, let me continue my sporadic never-ending set of articles reviewing some of Hong Kong’s top attractions, further cementing the fact that Hong Kong is one of the best places to visit on Earth.

This time I will review the Ngong Ping area.
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Concert Review – Mates Of State, August 4th, Lees

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Toronto – My review for this show was written three weeks ago when I bought my ticket. Anybody who read my review of MOS latest CD, Re-Arrange Us will know that I am a big fan (not as big as THIS person, but still big). I was pumped to see Kori and Jason and wouldn’t have missed the show for anything. They would really have to fuck things up to disappoint me. They didn’t. They played a solid mix of old and new songs. The highlight was the unexpected strings and trombone accompaniment provided by opening act Judgment Day. As a two piece, MOS know how to crank it, but with the additional help, the show was cranked up to 11. Here is the set list.

Fraud In The 80’s
Like U Crazy
Get Better
Think Long
You Are Free
Goods (All In Your Head)
Beautiful Dreamer
These Days (Simon and Garfunkle cover)
Blue And Gold Paint
Ha Ha
My Only Offer
So Many Ways

I hung around after the show and got Kori and Jason to sign my copy of their 2000 release My Solo Project. Our conversation went like this:

Me: Hey guys, great show. Can I get you to sign my CD?
Jason: Thanks, no problem. Wow, this CD has our old address on it.
Kori: This is when we had a PO Box
Jason: This is one of the Omnibus releases!
Me: Does this give me MOS cred?
Jason: Yah man, you have cred. Hang on to this.
Me: Awesome. Will you two adopt me and raise me as your own?

Here is Proofs from My Solo Project that they played. A much different sounding MOS from Re-Arrange Us.