Podcast S1 E3

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The Big 3.

Hope you enjoy.

1. Shout Out Louds – The Comeback
2. The Crimea – White Russian Galaxy
3. Flotation Toy Device – Happy 13
4. The Specific Heats – Ice Cream Shop
5. The Fratellis – Chelsea Dagger
6. The Teddybears – Yours to Keep
7. Gravenhurst – Animals


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Are you reaaaady

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Tommorrow, my Pittsburgh Steelers embark on a eight month journey to defend their Super Bowl championship. It’ll be a hard task, as NFL teams rarely repeat due to the cap and stuff. Losing Randle-El kind of sucks, as he allowed us to run a lot of cool plays, but he wasn’t worth what the Redskins gave him and mr. Gibbs will soon find that out. I am hoping our two young recievers..Washington and Holmes does well.


AFC East
1. New England, 11-5
2. Miami, 10-6
3. New York Jets, 6-10
4. Buffalo, 3-13

AFC North
1. Pittsburgh, 12-4
2. Baltimore, 10-6
3. Cincinnati, 10-6
4. Cleveland, 2-14

AFC South
1. Indianapolis, 13-3
2. Jacksonville, 8-8
3. Houston, 4-12
4. Tennessee, 4-12

AFC West
1. Denver, 12-4
2. Kansas City, 8-8
3. Oakland, 7-9
4. San Diego, 6-10


NFC East
1. Philadelphia, 12-4
2. New York, 11-5
3. Dallas, 10-6
4. Washington, 10-6

NFC North
1. Chicago, 13-3
2. Green Bay, 7-9
3. Minnesota, 5-11
4. Detroit, 3-13

NFC Central
1. Carolina, 12-4
2. Tampa, 9-7
3. Atlanta, 7-9
4. New Orleans, 5-11

NFC West
1. Seattle, 12-4
2. Arizona, 7-9
3. St.Louis, 5-11
4. San Francisco, 2-14

So I bought a Greg Lloyd Jersey back in the day (1995). Now don’t get me wrong, this guy was absolutely awesome back in the day but heres what I read in his Wiki Entry

In 2003, Lloyd was charged with aggravated assault after he supposedly shoved a pistol in his son's mouth for poor grades in a 2001 incident.

Holy crap!

Generally, I’ve had terrible luck with jerseys. Here is a list

1. Greg Lloyd, Pittsburgh Steelers – legal problems
2. Eric Lindros, Philadelphia Flyers – concussions
3. Paul Kariya, Anaheim Ducks – concussions
4. Ken Griffey, Cincinnati Reds – Hamstring, back, elbow any part of the body
5. Steve Young, San Francisco – concussions

Maybe I should get jerseys of players I hate (Carson Palmer, I’m looking at you)

the nature of things

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Here are 50 reasons why people like the Pittsburgh Steelers. Click Here To Read

The death of the Crocodile Hunter is kinda sad, especially at the hands of something I would be able to pet at Sea World. Granted, the death was probably a matter of sooner vs later, it is still sad to see someone die. The dude seemed to really want to educate people about animals too. Apparantly theres a video footage of it somewhere, and I’m thinking..man thats really f’d up, since his kids will probably stumble upon a footage of how their dad died and go to years of therapy cos of it. (i’m sure they are heading to therapy anyway).

dumbass gets killed by 14 foot python

Seriously, you’d have to be an idiot to have 14 foot anything as a pet, specially anything that eats meat.