One nite in ..

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paris album

Curiosity led me to download the new Paris Hilton album last nite.

Here is a running commentary:

track 01 – turn it up
0:07 mark – first thing Paris says is “that’s hot” or “it’s hot” or whatever her catch phrase is. this song appears to be a club track…

scott something

- 0:14 mark – Paris gives a shoutout to her producer, scott storch who looks like Biff from back to the future.

- 0:20 mark – I decided thats about all i can handle.

All in all, the album has it moments.

Beer Festival

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Let me tell you, the beer festival is a great way to spend a sunday. Everyone is jovial and having a good time. Beers are cheap too. Yesterday was the first time I attended the beer festival and I had an excellent time. The drinks were 1$ for 4 oz (1/4 pint) but most of the vendors were generous and give you more then that. Some vendors gave out 1/2 pints for a dollar. Some of the beers I drank were Robert Simpson, Mill Street, Amsterdam, Trafalgar’s Critcal Mass (15% alcohol!), Heritage Brewing’s , loads of Steamwhistle and some others. The beers I listed were the ones I drank near the end, and I can’t really remember what I drank in the beginning.

Anyway, I highly recommend it to those who haven’t been there.

Put headphones on for this one:

Compilation – summer mix 2?

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This week has been good for music (for me) so I was inspired somewhat to send out music. You can call this a sorta 2006 compilation, since everything (I believe) is from 2006. This is not a mid-year best of or anything, but just some songs from this year I enjoy.

heres a track listing and a running commentary

01 – Kasabian – Empire
- good tune

02 – The Robocop Kraus – You Don’t Have to Shout
- good german fun!

03 – Sambassadeur – Kate
- sweden representing

04 – Kite Flying Society – 6000 Shipwrecks
- one of my favorite band names

05 – Viva Voce – From The Devil Himself
06 – The Changes – Water of the Gods
- covering good and evil

07 – Im From Barcelona – Little Boy
- pitchfork mafia hype, how can one resist!

08 – The Mountain Goats – Alibi
- respected indie band anchoring the 8 spot.

09 – The Rapture – Wayuh
- hipster new york music

10 – Flosstradamus – Overnight Star
- halfway point: sigur ros + twista mashup. totally wtf, but totally great.

11 – Regina Spektor – Fidelity
- following rap with piano tune

12 – Spearmint – My Girlfriend Is a Killer
- and then with a britpop/twee song.

13 – Metric – Monster Hospital (MSTRKRFT remix)
- CRTC watch, 2x points for canadian band remixed by canadian act

14 – Andrew WK – Pushing Drugs
- devil..check, god..check, drugs..check

15 – The Essex Green – Don’t Know Why (You Stay)
- swedes are good.

16 – The Whip – Trash
– electro-pop quota met.

17 – Editors – Orange Crush
- front with deep voice band quota met + cover song quota.

18 – Human Television – In Front Of The House
– back to the indie-pop

19 – Hidden Cameras – Awoo
- representing mississauga

20 – Gotye – Seven hours With a Backseat D
– australian instrumental music to end off the cd

and thats that..i would say this is a decent summer mix too.

*link is only up ..temporarily*

Wii vs PS3

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Being a xbox 360 owner, I really do not have funds to buy either the Wii or the PS3 (although I might get the Wii).. Anyways, if you are debating between these two, heres a brief explaination.

Also, by now you have probably seen what appears to be the coolest game in awhile..