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Err, setlist from when i was selectin tunes at the tap (bathurst/queen).

  1. The Fratellis – everyone knows you cried last nite
  2. Of Montreal – she’s a rejector
  3. Little Man Tate – house party at boothies
  4. Voxtrot – the start of something
  5. lovely feathers – in the valley
  6. Viva Voce – from the devil himself
  7. kula shaker – hey dude
  8. suede – killing of the flashboy
  9. mansun – wide open space
  10. gay dad – joy
  11. death cab for cutie – the sound of settling
  12. brandston – mexico and california
  13. the rapture – whoa alright yea uh huh
  14. the walkman – the rat
  15. goldfrapp – oh la la
  16. the kills – no wow (dfa remix)
  17. baxendale – i built this city (original maxi remix)
  18. klaxons – atlantis to interzone (crystal castle remix)

the order is close. i guess. not totally accurate.

Old Red Eyes

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Last nite’s Beautiful South concert was one of the most pleasant surprises I have experienced. Toronto’s music crowd is known to be rather stiff and emotionless, however, yesterday’s probably sold out show was the complete opposite. Never before have I seen a crowd as excited as the one yesterday. For Realz. The crowd was literally singing every single song with the band. Perhaps it is the band, the Beautiful South have been around for what amounts to about two decades now and there are probably a lot of ex-pats in the crowd who grew listenin to this band. The enthusiam level of this show just pushed it over the top, its hard to explain really, everyone was so into it. Really cool. I arrived kinda late and have been kicking myself for it the past couple hours, and seeing the setlist doesn’t help.

rose of my cologne
old red eyes
pretenders to the throne
song for whoever
prettiest eyes/especially for you
never lost a chicken to a fox
a little time
one last lovesong
when romance is dead
perfect 10
don’t marry her
you keep it all in
father and I

love is
good as gold

Woman in the Wall

the band sounded really crisp and seemed to really appreciate the crowd. i think i was the youngest person there.

show rating: 4.5 / 5

Soul Meats Body

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death cab 4 cutie

So I was able to get complimentary tickets to see Death Cab For Cutie (aka Jesus to Emo Kids) last nite at Massey Hall. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, possibly a lot of cute (albeit probably too young)short haired DIY emo girls and a bunch of guys with messy hair, dark framed glasses and a sweater on top of a dress shirt. Despite knowing about 10 Death Cab songs, I was quite excited about seeing this Seattle foursome play, since I was hoping they would sneak in a Postal Service song somewhere or something (never happened).

The promotion group provided us with okay tickets, they was on the second balcony, but was post obstructed. Luckily, I was able to stand a few feet over and my view was decent. It is certainly better then the 3rd floor balconies, which is about six hundred feet up. The show itself was pretty good, they played all the songs I liked and came out as Devo before their encore, and proceeded to play 4 Devo songs, which killed the crowd because really, even I only know one Devo song. I am pretty sure at this exact moment, my friend Josh is rattling Devo singles off the top of his head like popcorn out of a err..popcorn machine.

Some things I notice whilst at this concert:

  • Razrs are the new candles, during the song where the dude goes ‘bangkok to calgary’, everyone was holding their bloody phones in the air. Why bangkok (does dcfc like tranny nancy boys?) why calgary? maybe they like hicks. I dunno. when he sang the calgary part, people cheered. naturally, being from edmonton i didn’t cheer. i couldn’t boo-ed either, or someone might have cried
  • there was about five people doing co-ordinated hand movements during several songs. like five of them had their hands in the air and moved from left to right in unison. i bet they were fobs, because they do that at hong kong concerts
  • its always funny to see some jock type guy yell ‘YAAAAHHHHHHHH’ out in a deep voice at a band like death cab, normally you think they would be going to see iron maiden or something
  • wearing a waldo costume on halloween at a mass gathering is a great idea.
  • i dont know if death cab realized most people paid 58 bucks to go see them, so when they first walked out and said ‘we invite you to stand up, this is a rock show’ i was a bit peeved, because i wanted to sit down, and i wasn’t really sure how much of a rock show death cab really is. and if it was a rock show, the security guards shouldn’t of hunted down every person who tried to make it to the front. that would not happen at a rock show.
  • i really enjoy this whole 11 pm curfew thingy that massey has. at the risk of sounding like an oldie, having a known finish time really quicken gap between opening act and main event. 15 minutes! that was it between ted leo and death cab. if every concert was like this, i might see a few more opening acts.
  • saw ted leo on the way to the bathroom during the death cab concert, man that guy needs to eat a burger or eight.

Show rating: 3.5 stars out of 5.

New Podcast! S1E7

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Featuring some new singles, old singles, and whatever.

1. CSS – Lets Make Love and Listen To Death From Above
2. Klaxons – Atlantis to Interzone (Crystal Castles Remix)
3. Snowfight In City Centre – Listen
4. Joy Zipper – 1
5. The Channel – The Daring Eye
6. The Auteurs – The Rubettes
7. Black Box Recorder – Goodnight Kiss