The Klaxons – Atlantis to Interzone

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Every month, I download the setlist from the website Blisspop. They are a monthly club night in Washington DC and they find the most wicked tunes. As I was listening to their setlist from either last month or two months ago, I came across this song by the Klaxons. At first, I thought..hmm, its not bad. However, after a little while, I could not get this remix out of my head and I have been listening to it quite obsessively ever since.

The Klaxons are part of the so called ‘new rave’ scene that NME is trying to promote. Apparantly, they are really popular on the internet as I have now discovered. So in a typical me fashion, I will provide a link now that will link to a bunch of articles on the band, instead of writing one myself. These people are probably more articulate, but less funny then me.

Klaxon Articles

Here is the tune I mentioned. To be honest, I have been listening to the Crystal Castle Remix exclusively, but I will provide the original track as well. Because I am nice.

These mp3s will be off my server in one weeks time.

NBA – Fantasy Team Assessment

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Here is my fantasy NBA team, at first, I only wanted to draft black players, but then some circumstances happened and I got a decent mixed race team..much like Halle Berry.

PG – Jason Terry

Not my ideal point guard, but I did not want to draft Brevin Knight or Deron Williams or someone later on who are really just one category wonders. I figure Terry will have some assists, and provide some good shooting and points.

SG – Brandon Roy

Might be a gamble, but I think Portland has nothing better to do then rely on this guy. Zach Randolph might be dominating the shots right now, but we all know he will get arrested in about four weeks. Roy, Webster, Jack and LaMarcus is their future and Roy is the most polished scorer out of those guys. He is also the highest rated rookie in NBA 2K7

G – Ben Gordon

I was debating between this guy and Leandro Barbosa, but I figure once Jalen Rose gets into the lineup, he’ll be jacking up so many ill advised shots that Barbosa’s numbers will suffer. Then Amare will come back and his numbers will go down even more. Gordon, I think, will be one of the primary scorers (besides Deng, probably) on a very strong Bulls team. He’s already proven to be their most clutch scorer, so I think he will help in the shooting categories and might even get an assist here or there.

SF – Shawn Marion

The third overall pick after Garnett and Lebron, I mean, I could consider Dwayne Wade or Kobe, but really, neither of those players can put up the insane numbers Marion puts up some nights. He is good in several difficult categories as well (blocks, steals). He is also less likely to rape someone. Wade might be in cruise control til March anyways.

PF – Jermaine O’Neal

Jermaine burnt me a few seasons ago with the Detroit/Indiana brawl a few years ago. Good centers are rare, so I decided to bite the bullet and draft him. He should be happier this season now that he’s got his best buddy (Al Harrington) back. I could have drafted T-Mac, but me thinks he will get hurt.

F – Ron Artest

I can’t help it, I am a fan of Ron Artest. I love how he just bullies his opposition. He is also a good force when he isn’t off promoting his album or beating up fans. I think he will be solid this year and post good numbers.

C – Andrew Bogut

I had wanted Emeka Okafor with this pick, but my coworker drafted him two spots ahead of me, so I had to break my ‘no white guys’ stance and draft this Aussie. I am not sure how good his numbers will be, but I am thinking something like 14/8/1.5 blocks / 3 assists. I like Bogut as my center as he doesn’t kill me in the free throw category, and he is clearly the franchise player in Milwaukee. Michael Redd is good, but Bogut is their future.

C – Eddie Curry

As crazy and incompetent Isiah is, he did get Jermaine O’Neal to become a star player in this league, and he did trade what will likely be the draft pick that lands Greg Oden away to the Bulls for this guy. My guess is he will do his best to justify trading potentially two first round picks (Ty Thomas, 2007’s 1st) and some other junk for this guy. Curry always has had potential to score, he is just lazy. Isiah will probably ride this guy for awhile ..which makes him a decent 11th round pick.

Util – Kyle Korver

Needed 3’s, Mike Miller drafted two spots before I got him, so I drafted the next best thing…Ashton Kutcher.

Util – Shaun Livingston

This guy’s got skills. Its too bad he only weights about 100 pounds and gets injured often, however, he’s got skills..and thats hard to ignore in later rounds. Sadly, he has the highest apg for my team. I am betting he improves his numbers this year, which will be year 2 that ET is teaching him how to run a team.

Bench – Rudy Gay

Jerry West has a pretty good eye for talent.

Bench – Al Jefferson

Hunch pick.

Bench – Anthony Parker

Homer pick, the guy is a smart guy and should get his points this year with the Raps.


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Great quote from Noel Gallagher last night at the Danforth Music Hall solo show (I did not attend this):

“There’s no reason to shout out song titles … I have prepared a set list which I’m not going to deviate from.”

Anyone who has been to a show where drunk ex-pats shout out song titles will appreciate this quote.

Panda Sneezing

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There an estimated 1,600 pandas live in the wild and about 200 in captivity.

That was your friendly animal tip for the day.

You ever wonder what would happen if you put zebras and pandas in the same habitat in a zoo? I wonder.