Beer Festival

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Let me tell you, the beer festival is a great way to spend a sunday. Everyone is jovial and having a good time. Beers are cheap too. Yesterday was the first time I attended the beer festival and I had an excellent time. The drinks were 1$ for 4 oz (1/4 pint) but most of the vendors were generous and give you more then that. Some vendors gave out 1/2 pints for a dollar. Some of the beers I drank were Robert Simpson, Mill Street, Amsterdam, Trafalgar’s Critcal Mass (15% alcohol!), Heritage Brewing’s , loads of Steamwhistle and some others. The beers I listed were the ones I drank near the end, and I can’t really remember what I drank in the beginning.

Anyway, I highly recommend it to those who haven’t been there.

Put headphones on for this one:

Compilation – summer mix 2?

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This week has been good for music (for me) so I was inspired somewhat to send out music. You can call this a sorta 2006 compilation, since everything (I believe) is from 2006. This is not a mid-year best of or anything, but just some songs from this year I enjoy.

heres a track listing and a running commentary

01 – Kasabian – Empire
- good tune

02 – The Robocop Kraus – You Don’t Have to Shout
- good german fun!

03 – Sambassadeur – Kate
- sweden representing

04 – Kite Flying Society – 6000 Shipwrecks
- one of my favorite band names

05 – Viva Voce – From The Devil Himself
06 – The Changes – Water of the Gods
- covering good and evil

07 – Im From Barcelona – Little Boy
- pitchfork mafia hype, how can one resist!

08 – The Mountain Goats – Alibi
- respected indie band anchoring the 8 spot.

09 – The Rapture – Wayuh
- hipster new york music

10 – Flosstradamus – Overnight Star
- halfway point: sigur ros + twista mashup. totally wtf, but totally great.

11 – Regina Spektor – Fidelity
- following rap with piano tune

12 – Spearmint – My Girlfriend Is a Killer
- and then with a britpop/twee song.

13 – Metric – Monster Hospital (MSTRKRFT remix)
- CRTC watch, 2x points for canadian band remixed by canadian act

14 – Andrew WK – Pushing Drugs
- devil..check, god..check, drugs..check

15 – The Essex Green – Don’t Know Why (You Stay)
- swedes are good.

16 – The Whip – Trash
– electro-pop quota met.

17 – Editors – Orange Crush
- front with deep voice band quota met + cover song quota.

18 – Human Television – In Front Of The House
– back to the indie-pop

19 – Hidden Cameras – Awoo
- representing mississauga

20 – Gotye – Seven hours With a Backseat D
– australian instrumental music to end off the cd

and thats that..i would say this is a decent summer mix too.

*link is only up ..temporarily*

Wii vs PS3

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Being a xbox 360 owner, I really do not have funds to buy either the Wii or the PS3 (although I might get the Wii).. Anyways, if you are debating between these two, heres a brief explaination.

Also, by now you have probably seen what appears to be the coolest game in awhile..

infernal affairs

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Infernal Affairs

As any chinese person would know, the americans have decided to do a remake of one of the better chinese movies from the past decade. I guess its only fair, as Hong Kong rips off hollywood all the time (although our street figher movie was about 10x better then JCVD version).

I’m really hoping that Scorcese doesn’t fuck it up, but I have already concluded that the departed will not be better then the original. Seriously, the Irish mob is not cooler then the Triad, so already, you lost some of the great visual that Infernal Affairs had. I’m glad they casted good actors for the movie but yea, I don’t think it’ll be better then the original. I just hope it doesn’t suck.

IMDB for The Departed