Play of the Week: Fiesta Bowl

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Add one Hook and Ladder(teral), one Statue of Liberty and one post game proposal and you get one of the best bowl games in recent memories.

Burn of the Week – Patrick Stefan

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This guy was drafted FIRST OVERALL about…8 years ago. YOU SHOULD BE EMBARASSED

Tv in Review 2006

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Some junk i watched this year. no particular order, just what comes to mind. i think of all these shows, only prison break, lost and 24 i watch on a weekly basis.

Dexter – one of the most kickass shows ive ever seen, its roughly 13 episodes and is about a guy named Dexter. He’s a serial killer, who kills serial killers. He’s antisocial and reminds you of a non-materialistic version of the dude from American Pyscho, probably. I call this dark drama-comedy, since it is at times humours (dexter dealing with his relationship, family, work, etc) and there is drama to it. season 1 introduces you to the characters and follow several story arcs. So I guess its a serialized show, only theres a side story to every show. It stars the gay dude from six feet under. Highly recommended.

How I Met Your Mother – probably the most quotaticous sitcom out there, this is kinda like what friends woulda been if it wasn’t so shitty. its about mid 20s people who have better jobs then me. doogie howser plays barney, who’s a lot like his character in harold and kumar. it’s easily the funniest sitcom on television right now. plus, it introduced me to the slapbet.

Entourage – so good. i only discovered this show in February, but i breezed thru the first two seasons pretty quickly. I still remember my buddy from edmonton was visiting at the time and watched half of season 1 instead of doing touristy stuff. id write more about it but everyones heard of this show by now.

Prison Break – where do they go from here? out of prison yes..but now what? the only thing that pains me about this show is that the lead actor..michael scofield..can’t really act. he just squints sometimes, and has the same tone for everything. the episode where he was trying to prove how sorry he was to the nurse person was just painful to watch. i really wonder what will happen after this season. im also impressed that one of the main bad guys is an asian. having an asian on the show always score points on my like factor.

Lost – alternating between really good and i-want-to-go-to-jj-abrams-house-and-strangle-him bad, lost is a show that needs to end sooner or later. are they dreaming? are they dead? is this a science experiment? no one really knows. i dont even think anyone really cares, as long as they conclude something. i will say, the henry gale character is really good, and evangeline lily is always pleasant to look at, but end this already. i think the most appropriate way to end the show would have jack’s character wake up from his dream and he’s still charlie from party of five.

24 – its crack. however, audrey’s dad drove off the cliff for nothing. i like how the chinese government takes revenge though. we chinaman don’t forget nothing. nothing. as good looking as elisha cuthbert is, please don’t return to the show. don’t need anymore storylines about her and a cougar.

favorite 24 moments of the year that i can remember right now:

- jack shooting robocop’s wife and saying ‘I ONLY shot her in leg, she can still walk’
– jack almost choking out kim’s shrink boyfriend, just because he didnt like what he’d have to say.
– jacks super hoodie
– jack highjacking a plane, and then controlling it by pulling on two wires that are easily accessible from the passenger bag area
– curtis consistently doing nothing…because he’s black.

Robot Chicken- its a 10 minute show, and probably the most f’d up show of all time. go to youtube and then just type in robot chicken and u will see what it is about. most of the value of this show is shock value, so its not something u can watch repeatedly, i think.

the oc- i feel lame for watching this show, but whatever. season 3 really sucked and any interest i had in it probably was gone long time ago, yet i watch it. dunno why. mischa barton dying was kinda interesting. but that girl had been thru some tough times. theres also really no asians here, except for when they go for korean food, and then they are there serving korean foods.

Redemption of the Week

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Well, for all the disappointments of the 2006 season for the Pittsburgh Steelers, the only redemptive thing would have been that we knocked the frickin Bengals out of the playoffs. Theres no team I hate more then them, and for us to try so hard and beat them in an otherwise meaningless game for us, is just tooo sweeeeeeet.