Super Mario / Vice City

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funniest thing .

The Right Stuff: Analyzed

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Back to Reality, Uppity Gravity

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I am heading to Detroit Rock City this weekend to check out an NFL game. It is my first trek to Detroit, and I am quite scared. Well, not really, since I am from the streets of HK but to say Detroits got a bad reputation is like saying Hitler was just slightly evil. As I typically do (starting…today) before I travel somewhere, I am going to do some research on my destination.

Detroit Travel Guide


  • In 2006, Detroit’s inner-city was ranked the most dangerous place in North America (in terms of general violence, homicides, rapes and other such crimes).
  • City struggles with the burdens of racial disharmony between itself and its suburban neighbors.
  • Residents are generally known as “Detroiters.”
  • The city was called the Paris of the West in the late 19th century
  • In Rust Belt
  • is the potato chip capital of the world, based on consumption
  • is second in the nation in fishing rod sales

Famous Detroiters: Rosa Parks, Emimem, White Stripes, Aretha Franklin, Robin Williams, Kid Rock, Francois Ford Coppola

What really sucks is that I know someone who lives in Detroit, only she is visiting Toronto that weekend. High rate of crime doesn’t really affect me since I am assuming most of the crime is due to the high racial being asian, i can slip between the lines.

Anyways, wish me luck.

The Klaxons – Atlantis to Interzone

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Every month, I download the setlist from the website Blisspop. They are a monthly club night in Washington DC and they find the most wicked tunes. As I was listening to their setlist from either last month or two months ago, I came across this song by the Klaxons. At first, I thought..hmm, its not bad. However, after a little while, I could not get this remix out of my head and I have been listening to it quite obsessively ever since.

The Klaxons are part of the so called ‘new rave’ scene that NME is trying to promote. Apparantly, they are really popular on the internet as I have now discovered. So in a typical me fashion, I will provide a link now that will link to a bunch of articles on the band, instead of writing one myself. These people are probably more articulate, but less funny then me.

Klaxon Articles

Here is the tune I mentioned. To be honest, I have been listening to the Crystal Castle Remix exclusively, but I will provide the original track as well. Because I am nice.

These mp3s will be off my server in one weeks time.