New Podcast! S2E2

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el perro

Made a new one.


  1. Spiral Beach – Voodoo
  2. Ladyfuzz – Kerfluffle
  3. Klaxons – Gravity’s Rainbow
  4. Apartment – 10,000 Times
  5. Bishop Allen – Things Are What You Make Of Them
  6. El Perro Del Mar – God Knows (You Gotta Give To Get)
  7. Band of Horses – The Funeral


floor hockey rivalries

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Nothing like some dumb ass loser to piss me off on a Friday. So one of our friends on another hockey team forwarded us this email:

hey j.....we all think that we might be playing next we want to have a toast to the end of the season! So...we will be bringing a cooler of 'pop' for us to celebrate after the game, win or your team is invited to celebrate with us after the game at the parking lot or the fox and the fiddle on 106 john street!....we like you guys ...did you know that green lightning, who are bitches, gave us 3.45 spirit points for absolutly nothing. We ended up with bruises...and were proud enough to give them 5 points, even with a lose and broken spirits out of the playoffs... we want to hang out with your team because we seem to get along and like you guys!....let us know...and we look forward to seeing your team next on bitches! A & M! :)

this was from the same team that sent those crazy ass emails in my earlier posts. this email is very lame because

a) we gave them 3.45 spirit points yes..but they gave us 0
b) its pretty petty to have so much hate for a ball hockey team in a recreational co-ed hockey league

yeah, these people are lame.

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vince young clothesline asante samuel

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pretty impressive clothesline.

Apple IPhone

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By now, you probably heard about the Apple IPhone already, if not, check it out here:

This thing is f’n beautiful, and I want it. Thats probably what every techie said probably.

Its a video ipod, internet browser, photo thing and phone all in one. Damn, that is hot fiya.

Here are some suggestions for the next gen Iphones:

  • IRemote – Yes, make that phone also a remote control. I mean, it can’t be that hard. Just steal what Logitech’s Harmony is doing. That way, it can clear out all the clutter. It can control your tv, home theatre, light switches, everything. Obviously, theres some security issues to be had, but apple can fix those.
  • IFlashlight – Yea, make that screen illuminate to super brightness if need be. That way, if power goes out, i can just switch the phone to ‘flashlight mode’ and i can go find candles.

thats about it for now, really i just want the remote.