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Old news to many, news to me.

Apparantly, the whites have once again decided to remake a succesful Azn movie. This time it is the Korean flick ‘Sassy Girl’.

The new one stars Kim Bauer and some dude. I think every Azn has seen Sassy girl and its pretty funny, if they can take out the typical Korean melodramatic crap that mucks up the last 1/2 hour or so of the movie, it can make for a decent movie, I think.

Aside from Jap Horror flicks, this marks the second time in recent memory that them peeps have been copying Azn cinema, which is cool. (The Departed, was the first).

the original came out in 2002, because I remember watching it when I was in Hong Kong. I dunno why i said that, but anytime i can mention the greatest city on earth, i will.

Movies based on Foreign Language Flicks

New Podcast! S2E3

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Yeah Yeah Yeah…

hopefully u enjoy the tunes.

1. Mint Royale – Show Me
2. Belle and Sebastian – I’m A Cuckoo (Avalanche Remix)
3. The View – Same Jeans
4. Alterkicks – Oh Honey
5. Boo Radleys – Find The Answer Within
6. Hefner – I Love Only You
7. Morcheeba – Way Beyond

Video of the week: Effect of drugs and alcohol on spiders

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Man, this video rules.

Album Recommendation: Mint Royale – Pop Is ..

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This is a good album. err.. I guess its being released on March 5, so I recommend it. Why I put down the release date, I don’t know. Who are they, you ask? They are a big beat electronic kind of band, but i liken them to something light and poppy like fatboy slim (or maybe wikipedia did it, and i just took the idea from them..who knows). This is a compilation of sorts, and includes songs featuring the dude from Del La Soul, remixes of songs from Stone Roses and Terrorvision (wtf happened to them?)

Anyway, I have been listening to this album for everyday since I somehow stumbled upon it. Its good.

Band’s Myspace Site