the nature of things

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Here are 50 reasons why people like the Pittsburgh Steelers. Click Here To Read

The death of the Crocodile Hunter is kinda sad, especially at the hands of something I would be able to pet at Sea World. Granted, the death was probably a matter of sooner vs later, it is still sad to see someone die. The dude seemed to really want to educate people about animals too. Apparantly theres a video footage of it somewhere, and I’m thats really f’d up, since his kids will probably stumble upon a footage of how their dad died and go to years of therapy cos of it. (i’m sure they are heading to therapy anyway).

dumbass gets killed by 14 foot python

Seriously, you’d have to be an idiot to have 14 foot anything as a pet, specially anything that eats meat.

sneaky dees

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Accountants are sneaky. Our accountant here just handed me my payslip and in the process scared around a decade off my life. Like seriously, he was like five inches behind me and I had no idea. I had a near heart attack as he whispered my name in my ear. Partially because I was looking thru mp3s at the time and not doing what I was suppose to. But now I have learned…sneaky.

I should put in a mirror on the wall behind my monitor so I can tell if someone is coming from behind.

What is this Interweb thing?

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That was all of 12 years ago.

Survivor: Racial Island

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As you probably know by now, the next Survivor will have teams separated by race, or ..ethnicity or something. Basically, there are four teams – Asians, Whites, Blacks, Latinos. So out of curosity, I go to the website to check out who’s gonna represent team Asia..and what the holy hell, there is NO CHINAMAN.

How can you not have a chinaman on team asia? theres TWO koreans, one flip, one viet and one jap. I mean, why two koreans? I really like bulgolgi and all, but that was unnecessary. I may or may not watch this show (probably not) now that I know my asian is being misrepresented. Worse of all, because of the mass audience this show gets, anything these four people do will only help enforce or create new stereotypes. Id be okay with that if there was a chinaman in there, but there is none.

I also can’t understand how they totally ignored the brown nation. Imagine how awesome the show would have been if there was like, an indian, a pakistani, an israeli and like, an ira qi on a team. that alone would be worth the show.

I’m rather fascinated by this whole race thing, I am wondering if this show will enforce or break racial stereotypes.

Lets take a look at the four teams

Team Black: Jazz person, actress, nurse, retail person, makeup artist

no rapper? no basketball player? I think the comical moments will come when each team member compares their realness, either that or the inevitable ‘what did you call me?’ sista fight that’ll happen.

Team Latino: it consultant, waiter, cop, heavy metal guitarist, waitress

Being a big fan of mexican food, I really hope the latinos do well. I don’t really know of any specific latino stereotypes, since they dont usually make it this far north. i wonder if any of the chicks will go all rosie perez and do one of those horizontal head swivel things. 4 of the 5 latinos are from California too. I wonder what CBS is trying to say.

Team Asia Rim: fashion person, attorney, hippy, real estate, management

i see they chose a zen like player on team asia. he’ll probably spit out soothing words of wisdom or something. its funny that guy (the hippy) is married to a white chick and SERVED ON THE US ARMY. what vietnamese person would really do that? we all know who’ll be the first to turn. i can see this team doing well, unless the japanese fashion guy throws a hissy fit and reminds the other members of all the pillaging and raping the japs did thru out asia in world war II. then all bets are off. i call this team the asian rim cos all the players are from the asian pacific rim.

* i just realized that all these punks were born and raised in the usa so they havent really even logged any real time in the actual asia.

Team White: sales, pre-med, artsy eccentric, writer, volley ball

nice, you got what appears to be the jock, frat boy, college sweatheart and the artsy person on this team. pretty typically survivor casting, one thing ive noticed about this edition of survivor is that there is no fat people on the show. i bet its the copier sales guy who will be the first to utter some sort of racial comment.

team brown: taxi driver, grocery store owner, doctor, “foreign exchange student”, tech support

haha just joking.

anyway, if anyone is plannin on watching this show, lemme know how it turns out.