hockey shootout

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also, as a Steelers fan, always good to see Chad Johnson get cranked.

Ball Hockey

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So I do play on a ball hockey team on mondays, we’re in a league and when you are in a league, you develop rivalries. One of the team that is our rivals happens to be much music’s new media division. Now when I say they are rivals, I mean, whenever we play them, its pretty intense. However, they never beat us so its not really a true rivalry. It is more of a big brother – little brother relationship. Our team is a pretty chilled team, we are probably a little lazier then we should be and dont really forecheck or anything. We pretty much rely on the talent of a few people to get our goals, probably because we have the best goalie in the league.

Anyways, this other team, they are INTENSE. If Mountain Dew made a commercial about ball hockey teams, they would probably fit the bill, they are all over the place, always hustling, even when our goalie has the ball they’ll pressure us. It’s all funky and stuff, but they never seem to beat us with this whole rushing everyone strategy, probably because we don’t really panic with the ball. Personally, I think..the quicker they run at me, the quicker i deke them out. But whatever, bottom line is..these guys are intense, and they really really really want to beat us and its pretty funny, since we don’t really care about them. It also happens that we do know a few members of their team

I just found this funny, their weekly email vs ours.

Our Email

Welcome to the team, G****

Schedule is up, we’re playing our friends on monday so if anyone can’t make please let me know asap.

We’re playing at 8pm at this location:

Since D**** is out, could everyone bring a cheque/cash for $70 on monday instead.


Their Email

It couldn’t really happen any other way could it? We ended our last
season against Rabid Wolverine’s and we’re starting our new one
against Green Mother-Fucking Lightning. We’ve talked about this game
for awhile now and here it is. Enough Said.

We have NEVER lost a Season Opener, and I don’t plan on changing that
anytime soon. What better way to prove to ourselves that we’ve evolved
than by beating these bastards. I don’t even have anything more
inspirational to say… this is it people… this is our CHAMPIONSHIP
game. Losing to them will hurt 1000x more than losing to Watch the

Are you Ready FUCKERS!

Are you Ready Bitches!

The Fall Season Starts NOW!


Pretty intense for a rec league.

We beat them 6-4.

Their captain, the one who sent the email, didn’t even have the courtesy to shake our hands.


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Pretty good cover


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Episode 4 is out!

Note: The balance is really off for The Rakes – Work Work Work (Pub Club Sleep)…

1. Grandaddy – Now Its On
2. The Rakes – Work Work Work (Pub Club Sleep)
3. Stereolab – French Disko
4. Piney Gir & The Age of Reason – Interim
5. Happy Bullets – Mr. Gray
6. Sufjan Stevens – John Wayne Gacy
7. Spirituatlized – Stop Your Cryin