Wii vs PS3

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Being a xbox 360 owner, I really do not have funds to buy either the Wii or the PS3 (although I might get the Wii).. Anyways, if you are debating between these two, heres a brief explaination.

Also, by now you have probably seen what appears to be the coolest game in awhile..

infernal affairs

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Infernal Affairs

As any chinese person would know, the americans have decided to do a remake of one of the better chinese movies from the past decade. I guess its only fair, as Hong Kong rips off hollywood all the time (although our street figher movie was about 10x better then JCVD version).

I’m really hoping that Scorcese doesn’t fuck it up, but I have already concluded that the departed will not be better then the original. Seriously, the Irish mob is not cooler then the Triad, so already, you lost some of the great visual that Infernal Affairs had. I’m glad they casted good actors for the movie but yea, I don’t think it’ll be better then the original. I just hope it doesn’t suck.

IMDB for The Departed

Highland Games Hijinx

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Menthos and Diet Coke? Yes Please:

Oh Bambi

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The Highland Games was extremely fun and I had a great time. Never before have I seen so many white people in one place. The beer tents at the games were insane. It probably fit a thousand people and everyone was sloshed. Apparantly the tradition within the tents is to throw beer up in the air, so that everyone is soaked with beer (or smirnoff ice) before they leave the tents. Both nights I went to the tents, I came out semi-drenched. The music was classic music, like, stuff they’d play in those bars at the Lord of the Rings movies. There was a lot of 2 steppin and a lot of arms and legs flailing. While I wouldn’t necessary call the dancing a ho-down, I think this is as close as I’d get to it.

As far as events go, the only evens I went to were the Caber Toss and the Mass bands. The Mass Bands was pretty cool, imaging an entire football field full of people with drums and pipes, playing together. They played about five or six tunes, including Amazing Grace. It all sounded very similar, but it was all very good.

Food wise, I tried a deer burger for the first time. It was pretty good, a bit of an aftertaste (which tasted like ground pepper)..but definately something I’d eat again. As for the other meals, my friend’s parents were nice enough to cook practically every meal I had last weekend. It was pretty much like going to a resort.

Pictures to come later.

Man I still get chills watching this

Click Here for Borat Trailer