Don’t mess with Isiah

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Meet Bruce Bowen

He is considered the dirtiest player in the NBA. Why? when he is defending you, and you take a jump shot, he frequently puts his foot where u are going to land so that theres a chance you can sprain your ankle. He has done it multiple times to and hurt Kobe, Vince Carter and Ray Allen..

So when a reporter asked Isiah Thomas, coach/gm of the New York Knicks, and one of the most competitive people ever, what he would do if Bowen did something to him..he said “I’d beat the — out of somebody. Really, I would — murder them. … There’s certain things you don’t do.”

bottom line, don’t mess with Isiah.


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First of all, the new Bloc Party album leaked today, expected release date? February 6. How does this even happen? I always wonder who the disgruntled employee at the record company is. Anyways, good job, keep it up. I am about four songs in, listening and thus far it is pretty solid. Nothing nearly as good as ‘This Modern Love’ yet, but theres still a while to go.

Detroit Trip.

Ford Field is the nicest arena/stadium thingy I have been in, by FAR. The place is spectacular. The sightlines are amazing, we were in the 200 sections and I was still amazed. The seats are comfortable, which is a given, since Detroit’s probably a fat city, so the extra sized seats is always nice. Also walked by Comerica field, and man, that is one nice baseball field. Seriously, blow up the skydome or something, its so cavernous such a waste of space. These retro parks are wear its at. I mean, the Skydome is just depressing when the roof is closed.

Detroit Lions fans are the most self deprecating fans I have ever met. In order to understand how much the Lions fans have suffered, here is some tidbits on their team:

  • Despite being one of the original teams, has never won a superbowl, let alone appear in one
  • No playoffs since 1999
  • Their best player, Barry Sanders, quit in his prime, because he didn’t want to play for the Lions anymore and the Lions would not trade him.
  • Did not win a road game for 3 straight years in the early 2000s
  • Last 5 QB’s: Jon Kitna, Joey Harrington, Mike Mcmahon, Charlie Batch, Scott Mitchell

Bottom line, this team has sucked for a long time. The fans know it, and if you ever attend a game, you will too. The Detroit Lions celebrate field goals and first downs. FIRST DOWNS. This would be the equivalent of celebrating say..a pass in a soccer game. The game itself was not the best game, as you would expect from two of the worse teams in the league. There were many, many missed opportunities and bad playcalling, and I almost dozed off in the fourth quarter, perhaps because I had consumed a lot of alcohol in a desperate attempt to be entertained at the game.

Having said that, I still had a fun time, and will probably go back to Detroit to watch a Tigers game.

It really makes you wonder, why does Detroit have Tigers and Lions as team names? Most teams have something related to their city..somewhat (*raptors*). The Red Wings are pretty symbolic of the motor city, for example. I just find it weird, I don’t know.

Super Mario / Vice City

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funniest thing .

The Right Stuff: Analyzed

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