im ashamed

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to be a steelers fan.

we lost to the fuckin raiders.

Halloween Costumes

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I have no idea what I is for Halloween yet. Its seriously, stressful.

To recap:

2004 – I was “falling”. I slicked my hair up and then put a coat hanger around my tie and made it look like I had my tie straight up in the air. It was pretty cool. I also vomited many times that night, due to excessive wine consumption.

2005 – I was “dizzy”. I bought one of those halos, and then put stars around it. It was a last minute costume, and not overly well done.

2006 – ?

Part of it is that I don’t really want to put too much effort into the whole thing, I had thought about getting a skeleton costume, a blonde wig, and a dress and then going as Nicole Ricky, but that’s too hollywood insider jokish.
Then last nite while I was drinking, I thought it’d be cool to go as one of those covered up muslim women, but now that I am sober, that might actually offend people, and muslims are probably the last type of people I want to offend, aside from Germans.

So now I don’t know what I am going to be, and theres halloween party on saturday.

funnyish kind of joke

During World War II, three prisoners are brought to hitler. one american, one french, one jewish. hitler tells them ‘if you can answer my question correctly, you will live. otherwise, you will die’

so he asks the america “when did the titanic sink?”
the american replied “1912”
hitler says “alright then, you are free to go”

hitler goes up to the french person “approximately how many people died?”
the french person replied “1500”
hitler says “alright, you are free to go”

hitler approaches the jewish person “name them one by one”


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As a diehard Penguins fan, I can’t help but get excited by Mr. Malkin and Mr. Crosby playing together. Especially after a win over the Devils. Malkin scored an embarassingly good good, and man, it’s good times again after about five years of shittyness.

Funniest picture I have seen in awhile

Danko vs K-OS & BSS

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Maybe this will only appeal to Torontolites, but recently, theres been some ‘controversy’ over a review given to a K-OS album by NOW columist. K-OS alleged that the folks at NOW were racists or some junk. For more information about this hissy fit, go here

So I am reading NOW magazine from last week, and another Toronto artist – Danko Jones, decides to chime in the letter. I thought it was pretty funny, most memorable quote being:

“For someone to spit “sellout” who worked with Kevin Drew from Broken Social Scene (the white middle-class version of G-Unit) and Buck 65 is about as funny as a white guy who swears in fear that he has black friends.”

The whole letter is here:

Let the Indie Battle Royale begin..kinda.