dancing in abercombie and finch

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producer wars

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too good to pass up not posting.

apparantly, timbaland dissed scott storch in a recent song, so he came up with this video, which is pretty funny.

here is timbaland’s thing

TV Week in Review

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Heroes – excellent episode. primarily because there was no ali larter story line. good back story on the dad and how he is what he is, presented a new enemy, who looks like he’s straight out of the 70s. overall, this is a show that lost has yet to do (a show that answers questions!). After a brief dull period, heroes has turned it up a notch.

24 – zzzzzzzzzzz. 24 season six has been the worse season by far. maybe because there is too much familiarity. i don’t really care for much of the story line and it has dropped off the must-see tv list.

prison break – it looks like this show is heading to a conclusion, which is pretty sweet. theres some decent writing on this show and, well, its going along. i just hope it finishes this season

lost- one of those side stories, that does nothing but generate ad revenue for the folks at ABC. i think the producers need to know that we don’t really care about these mini story arcs.

there can only be one

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was just peeking thru facebook, man theres a lot of people with my name. its kinda discouraging. in fact, theres someone IN EDMONTON with my name, that knows people that I know (probably went to the same church i use to go to as kid). now that is fucked up.

personally, i think it’s my responsibility to kill everyone else that has the same name, and then i will become more powerful. however, they are pretty widespread, so i’d probably need a few sponsors. it’d also be hard to kill someone who has such great taste in names.

also, this facebook thing is addictive. mostly cos i can snoop around and see what people from my old high school are up to, its been awhile since i talked to alot of these peeps. most of them are still in edmonton, which is good for them. ..i guess.