SNL – *** in a box

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most of the time, SNL sucks. but occasionally, they’ll be okay

Burn of the Week: Melo Keeps it Real

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I don’t care what else goes on this week, Carmelo Anthony will take the burn of the week for this sucker punch of Mardy Collins

Imagine if Allen Iverson was a Nugget at this time? He probably woulda pulled a gun out of his shorts and shot Mary Collins and Channing Frye.

Interestingly enough, Carmelo’s impending 10-15 game suspension might of actually accelerated AI to Denver talks.

Play of the Week

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Man I wish the Flyers played the Penguins EVERY nite. Watch Jordan Staal undress two Flyers Wednesday nite to cap off a 8-4 win. I bet he didn’t even buy them dinner.

Burn of the Week: The Truth

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Paul Pierce, when asked about Iverson: “I played with the biggest jacker in league history in Antoine Walker, didn’t I? He was just jacking up shots. At least Iverson might go hit them at a higher clip and get to the free throw line.”


Thats the Panic Manual Burn of the week (cue up cheesy music)