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In the MLB, today is Jackie Robinson day, a day celebrating the introduction of black people into baseball.

At Popeyes, today is free Fried Chicken day. (coupon here)

Coincidental? you decide

chartattack review on the klaxons show:

now’s review, not so forgiving –

hahah snl digital short

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man , i laughed out hard for this one.

parody of

TV Week in Review

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24 – finally, an episode where we get to see Jack do what he does best…kill people. Lets face it, this season of 24 is beyond weak, however, its always cool to see one person kill an entire terror cell AND whip off an Arnold-esque one liner. The Chinese bad guys have incredible timing, I must say. Looks like this is the reset point. I hope this season ends off well.

Lost – finally, some answers. This episode was quite good. I like the Juliette character. Actually, I like all the Others character more then the originals..they seem to have more layers to them. Still, I can’t get over the feeling that..a lot of things is happening on the island..yet, nothing really happens. What I think would be funny is if Charlie finds more people stranded on the island, and its the cast of Party of Five, and he’d be like ‘oh hell no’.

how i met your mother – frickin hilarity. as usual.

Back to school, back to reality.

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So about four months ago, my boss approach some of us and was like “we would like you all to get certified. here are the exams you need to take to get certified. I expect you guys to get certified by April.” So in typical IT standards, I wrote my first exam today, about 3 months late. I probably won’t get completely certified til maybe June or July. Haha. Timelines..what are those?

I actually took some time last nite to go studying on the University of Toronto campus. I went to Robarts library or something, and I was pretty pumped. I haven’t done a good study session since University and it’s nice to see all these completely naive people talk about their futures. This library is huge, and it has got escalators. However, its too concreteky for me and looks like it can be some post apocalyptic stronghold in the future.

I just love how people ghetto it when they are studying, its like nothing matters except for the exam. no shaving, sweat pants, the whole deal..totally stressing. man, that shit just eats me up. even the girls are all doing the pony tail / sweat shirt deal. the third floor was full, so i went to the fourth floor. Apparently Robarts is a haven for mainlanders. I mean, these people were everywhere, I was surprised these people weren’t squatting around on some floor reading their books and spitting into little metal bowls. I half expected a congee stall between the periodicals section. Actually, that would have been nice.

Despite the fact that I was there studying, I still felt like a bit of a foreigner. I mean, I was older then most of these peeps, and I didn’t even go to this school, yet I am using their facilities. It was a bit strange to be sitting there with a pile of paper in front of me. After studying for about half an hour, i realized why I didn’t like studying… it’s boring.

It did bring me back to days when I used to study at U of A, theres this hallway in the MedSci Library that me and some people I know used to occupy entirely. I mean, every single desk stall was inhabited by one of us. I’d go some times to study,find a cubicle near an outlet, bring out the discman with the ac adapter and just listen to tunes all day..and read. occasionally, id visit other people and make pointless conversation like ‘oh, what are you studying for? hows it going? how many exams?’, then i’d forget what they said about 5 seconds later. Weird how that shit works.

About 90 minutes into my studying, I started craving Thai food. Then I realized that Flip, Toss, Thai was about two blocks away…then I spent the next half hour thinking about what I’d order, and whether I am actually making any progress studying. It’s amazing the things you can think of when you want to be distracted. I was like ..what should I order? when does it close? do i go to harbord fish and chips if its closed? do i swing up to bloor and do Japanese take out? do i do generation sushi or sushi on bloor? was that meal i used to get sushi matsu combo b? do i want lebanese food today? what if everything was closed? do i have food in my fridge? should i risk making mussels to eat before my exam? anyways, those were some things i thought about while studying.

basically, the moral of this post is that studying is hard, and boring. i passed my exam at least.

this was a pretty shitty post, so u can watch this clip now: