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Song of the Day: Hooded Fang – Den of Love

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Toronto – I’m not overly familiar with Toronto’s Hooded Fang but the people in the circles that I travel within often marvel about them like a kid with a cardboard box. With such glowing endorsements, I decided to check out some tracks off their new record, Tosta Mista which sounds like someone saying “Toast, Mister” in a heavy Chinese accent. The record is Hooded Fang’s second record, and first with the newly created Dap Records. I am currently enjoying a song off this album called “Den of Love” which sounds like a ’50s crooner wedding song for some reason. I can totally imagine some slicked up greaser at some low budget hall asking the local gal to slow dance to this track. Check it out

Hooded Fang will be kicking off Summerwork‘s musical festivities on August 5th. Check them out.

Also, donate money to Summerworks, since their funding got pulled by the government because they put on an act about terrorism. Seriously, how stupid is that. Did Fox pull funding after Jack Bauer shot up some Libyans in 24? hell no, they ordered seven more seasons (four of which were unnecessary). Anyways, yea, donate.

Song of the Day: Kishi Bashi – Bright Whites

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It’s fun. It’s light. It’s a bit fruity. It’s not Fresca. It’s Kishi Bashi’s Bright Whites. The mysterious artist (perhaps not mysterious to others more adept at Googling up-and-coming artists than I) has burst upon the scene and is quickly proving to be a show-stopper. He is currently touring a wide range of US cities – so check him out before he passes through (I speak regretfully – as he came through DC, opening up for Sondre Lerche, and I totally missed my chance).

Although all his songs are enjoyable, my favorite, and one of “K’s” most popular tracks, is Bright Whites. The four-minute tune offers listeners an addictive hybrid sound spanning Native-American-like-yelps, campfire-tune-hand-clapping, and electro-tech-twist. The total product is somewhere between Sondre Lerche and Of Montreal – both bands with whom the artist has collaborated with.

Kishi Bashi dives into Bright Whites with an energetic chorus of yips, followed by his smooth voice singing… something? I’m going to leave the lyrics up to you – both the artist’s bio and lingo escapes me even after listening to the song about a dozen times consecutively (yes, it’s that good).

The specifics I caught?

“you and me at the edge of the world…”

“and if you smile at me… I could fly by land or sea…”

The sense I get? In general? You’ve got a guy. A girl. Potential. A journey. Y’know, the tried and true themes of everyone’s dreams, just put to a snazzier soundtrack than you might be able to generate on your own. My suggestion? Give it a listen (or several). You won’t regret it. And if you figure out who this guy is, let me know. The more I can get of him the better.

NXNE Song of the Day: Louise Burns – Teen Angst

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Toronto – On the eve of what might be the biggest night in Vancouver history, it’s only fitting that I write about an artist from Vancouver. Louise Burns is a singer-songwriter from Vancouver that recently released her debut album Mellow Drama. Blessed with a sweet voice and honest personal lyrics, Louise has quietly put herself on radars of many Canadian music lovers across the country. Just have a listen to this track for example. “Teen Angst” sounds like a classic track right from the get go – it’s equally familiar and fresh. It reminds me of some of the classic mid-’90s singer songwriter tracks, and would fit perfectly on some coming of age movie featuring Winona Ryder. Louise Burns is playing NXNE so go check her out.

NXNE Showcase:
Supermarket Saturday, June 18 @ 9PM

Other Canadian dates:
June 18 – Kelowna, BC@ Habitat
June 20 – Penticton, BC @ Voodoo
June 21 – Kamloops, BC@ Pogue Mahones
June 22 – Kelowna, BC @ Longhorn Saloon
June 24 – Calgary, AB @ The Palomino
June 24 – Calgary, AB @ The Bamboo
June 24 – Calgary, AB @ Broken City
June 28 – Fort St John, BC @ On The Rocks
June 29 – Grande Prairie, AB @ Better Than Fred’s
June 30 – Edmonton, AB @ Brixx
July 1 – Edmonton, AB @ Broadmoor Lake Park
July 02 – Olds, AB @ Tracks Pub
July 05 – Saskatoon, SK @ The Fez
July 07 – Regina, SK @ The Club at The Exchange
July 08 – Winnipeg, MB @ The Rock Bar

NXNE Song of the Day 2: Tomboyfriends – Almost/Always

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Toronto – Known for putting forth campy glam rock concerts, this track from Toronto’s Tomboyfriend seems to channel Of Montreal’s talking but kinda singing vocal deliveries and then infusing it with Canadian rock sensibilities. It is off their 2010 release Don’t Go To School which I have not heard, but based on this one song, the band seems rather promising. Check it out.

Tomboyfriend plays at Midnight on Thursday, June 16th at the El Mocambo (upstairs)

Almost Always – Tomboyfriend by In the Soil