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Song of the Day: The Whip – Secret Weapon

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The Whip, SXSW, Cedar Courtyard, March 20

Toronto – It’s been three years since English dance rock act The Whip has released any new tracks and let me tell you, this new album has been a long time coming. With standout tracks such as Trash, Sister Siam and my favorite lazer filled instrumental Divebomb, The Whip’s X Marks Destination was one of my go to albums for upbeat dance music back in the day and I’m excited that to hear that their new album, Wired Together is coming out almost one month from now.

Seeing how 3 years in internet time may seem like decades, the band has decided to unleash a five song sampler on soundcloud to remind the people who good their Jagz Kooner produced tracks are. You can sample the tracks here. The opening track, Secret Weapon has a pulsating beat and a new order-esque chorus. It appears that the band has taken some songwriting lessons in the past few years as this track and the ones on the album sound much more polished then the original. I have a feeling this album will be pretty dope. Check it out.

Elvis Presley Cover Song of the Day 2: Flaming Lips – Suspicious Minds

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Leave it to the Flaming Lips to take Elvis’s great comeback single and transform it into a strip down dream pop like track. One of my favorite karaoke tracks, Suspicious Minds has also been covered by musicians ranging from Glasvegas to Clay Aitkens to Dwight Yoakim. I decided to show you the Flaming Lips version because well, it’s the Flaming Lips and they are awesome.

Elvis Presley Cover Song of the Day 1: UB40 – (I Can’t Help) Falling in Love

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34 Years ago today, seminal indie blues-wave rock artist Elvis Presley passed away, leaving a gaping hole in Americana. Unlike current rock star martyrs, who prefer a swift and speedy exit, Elvis’s decline had been slow and painful and by the time he had perished, the singer was a shell of his former self. Regardless, his influence on music today is undeniable and as a result, we will take some time today to post some random covers of the King.

The first cover we’ll be writing about might be the most famous. English reggae band UB40 covered Elvis hit (I Can’t Help) Falling in Love for the supposed Sharon Stone thriller Silver, a movie that tried to take advantage of Sharon Stone’s popularity by having her masturbate in the bath while the other Baldwin brother (William) watches her from some sort of Big Brother station. The movie bombed. The cover, which took the traditional more romantic slower song and added horns and a beat, was a massive success. This track was pretty much a #1 hit all over the world.

UB40 will be playing the beer festival or casinorama at some point in the near future, if they haven’t already.