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Song of the Day: Family of the Year – St. Croix

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Saint Croix is an island in the Caribbean Sea, and is the largest of the U.S. Virgin Islands. Inhabitants are called Crucians. There are two towns on the island; Christiansted with a population of 2,433 and Frederiksted with a population of 859. The total population of the island as per the 2010 U.S. Census is 50,601. Who knew this even existed? certainly not me.

It is also the title of the new EP from Los Angeles band Family of the Year. Drenched in sunny disposition, the uplifting summertime track “St. Croix” can only be written by people who live in the the year round weather of California. Featuring catchy harmonics and a good head shaking, toe tapping beat, “St. Croix” is a good introduction to this band, who first came around a few years ago with their debut album Songbook. Have a listen

Song of the Day: Marion – Miyako Hideaway

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I know I’ve written about UK act Marion before, but the news that they, like all other Britpop contemporaries, have decided to reform and potentially cash in on an aging fan base is still an exciting one. According to reliable music publication NME, Jaime Harding, Phil Cunningham, Anthony Grantham and Julian Phillips are reforming and will soon be playing shows. They are also joined by Jack Mitchell of Haven, a band that had about two good songs.

While Marion never quite reached the levels of success of many other Britpop bands, they are still a favorite among me and my friends with their catchy dramatic pop songs. Tracks like Sparkle, What Are We Waiting for and this track, Miyako Hideaway have never strayed far from my rotation. Hopefully they’ll tour Toronto where they’ll probably play in front of about 30 people, 30 very happy people.

Song of the Day: Lush – Ladykillers

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Sometimes you forget how much you love a song until it randomly pops up on your iphone/pod while you are stuck in Scarborough. This was the case with the song “Ladykillers” by the English band Lush. The second last single released by Lush, “Ladykillers” is a romper of a track that moves along at a blistering pace and is accompanied by every so memorable lyrics. Check this song out, it’s awesome.

Here we go, I’m hanging out in Camden
Drink with my girlfriends on a Saturday night

This guy says, “come and meet my girlfriend”
She’s sitting in the corner looking rather uptight

So I say “hello” and I try to be nice
But I see he’s feeling itchy
Trying to play us off each other,
“Girls, girls, please don’t fight” (you get the picture)

Hey you, the muscles and the long hair
Telling me that women are superior to men
Most guys just don’t appreciate this
You just convincing me you’re better than them

So he talks for hours about his sensitive soul
And his favorite subject is sex
I don’t think he even wanted it
But, Christ this guy’s too much (I wanna tell him)

I’m as human as the next girl,
I like a bit of flattery
But I don’t need your practised lines, your school of charm mentality so
Save your breath for someone else and credit me with something more
When it comes to men like you,
I know the score,
I’ve heard it all before

(Here comes the next one)
Blondie was with me for a summer
He flirted like a maniac but I wouldn’t bite
I’m weak and he was so persistent
He only had to have me ’cause I put up a fight

Oh God, the boy had such an ego
He liked to talk about himself all day and all night
You think you’re such a ladykiller
But you were nothing special ’til you turned out the light

When he’s nice to me he’s just nice to himself
And he’s watching his reflection
I’m a five foot mirror for adoring himself
Here’s seven years bad luck (I wanna tell him)

When you say you love me you’re just flattering your vanity
But I don’t need your practised lines your, your school of charm mentality so
Save your breath for someone else and credit me with something more
When it comes to men like you,
I know the score,
I’ve heard it all before

Ooh, you’re such a ladykiller, always on a winner, thinking that you’re in there
Oh boy, you’re such a ladykiller, super sexy mister, call it what you will, oh
You think you’re such a lady killer, I just bet you’re still there, posing in the mirror
Hey girls, he’s such a ladykiller, but we know where he’s coming from and we know the score.

Song of the Day: Rouge – Modern Lovers I

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Rouge are an all-girl trio whose members include Kelly McMichael from Gentlemen Reg, Jess Tollefsen from Green Go and Emma Tollefsen. I just copied and pasted that line from a PR email, but really, it’s a well formed introductory sentence. The group is part Guelph, part Toronto and all about dirty dance beats accompanied by disco inspired synth lines. Reminds me of a local version of defunct UK act Client. “Modern Lovers I” is a track off their debut 7″ and is an extremely polished track that will light up some dance floors in due time, have a listen

Rouge will be having a release party at Sneaky Dees October 14th, with guest DJs Sheezer (wo)manning the decks.