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Topical Song of the Day: Lamb – What Sound (is going on around the Earth?)

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What is that sound
Ringing in my ears
The strangest sound

If you are to believe all the strange viral videos that have been posted with increasing frequency in the past few months. The Earth is making really weird grumbling sounds. It even made the Huffington Post, although I think Ryan Gosling drinking a sip of water makes the Huffington Post as well. Real or not, it is something that is awfully intriguing. What could it be? Here are some ideas

* Perhaps really cleverly made videos for the movie Battleship. That movie is about alien invasions or something
* Testing of secret military technologies
* Invisible planes flying overheard
* The longest and most uncoordinated youtube flash mob in history
* Something to do with global warming
* An actual alien invasion about to happen, maybe the sounds are of invisible alien things doing scouting.

Whatever it is, it certainly has gotten the attention of the internet. What do you think it is?

In the meantime, here is a song nicely titled What Sound by trip hop band Lamb. I picked the song because the opening line made sense in the context of this post, but I guess the rest of the song really doesn’t. Whatever. It’s a great track.

Lamb – what sound by Mme. Cerveau

Song of the Day: Alpaca Sports – Just for Fun

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Alpaca Sports is the solo project of Andreas Jonsson of Gothenburg, Sweden. I think they have two songs, but much like his Swedish contemporaries, Andreas has crafted a mighty fine twee-ish pop track with his single Just for Fun. Delightful strings resonate throughout the song, which also features a fun chorus and toe tapping backing vocals from Amanda Åkerman.

It’s a great listen on a rainy day, check it out.

Song of the Day: Sleigh Bells – Kids

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New things come with the New Year,
And sometimes new things can mean change and fear,
But change can also be good, not worse:
Like when Ricky busts out his verse.

We all knew he was blogger extraordinaire,
But this poetic inclination is a new flair:
So here is my best stab
At creating something half as fab.

It’s to Sleigh Bells I dedicate this post,
They’re the ‘noise pop’ duo with the most.
“Kids” is my favorite beat
The vocals are cool and the sound brings the heat.

The group’s got new tunes coming out,
Like “Comeback Kid,” which has major clout,
So tune in, listen up and if they come your way
Take this poem to heart and buy tickets today.

Sleigh Bells – Kids by Hipstersw/kids

Tour dates:
02/16 – Washington, DC @ 9:30 Club
02/17 – New York, NY @ Terminal 5
02/18 – Toronto, ON @ Phoenix
02/21 – Los Angeles, CA @ Music Box
02/23 – San Francisco, CA @ Regency Ballroom
02/24 – Seattle, WA @ Showbox at Market

Song of the Day: San Cisco – Awkward

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‘Awk talk.’ We all know it. We all do it (some less than others). You know – it’s when you’re in a conversation or a relationship or a meeting and things… just… don’t… quite flow. There is good news about ‘awk talk’ and all things ‘awkward’ though: while we all try to minimize it in our daily lives, there’s no reason we can’t enjoy it in musical form.

Now, thanks to San Cisco, a young Australian indie band, we can all rock out to the inevitable awkwardness we cringe at daily through our headphones. The band targets the most intense type of awkwardness – that experienced on a first date – in their new single, aptly titled, well, ‘Awkward.’

The song is a poppy duet with one of those great choruses that is nothing but ‘doodoo daadaa’ sounds. Clutch lines include descriptions of the young woman having her keys ready at the gate to make a quick escape, after which her male counterpart inquires why she hasn’t called back because ‘he’s been calling her for days’… to which the girl counters with a request for him to stop stalking her. Calling, stalking; texting, stexting – it’s a thin thin line to be sure.

Does that thin line make for awkward? You betcha. But, since none of us are the guilty actors on this failed first date, there’s no reason not to keep listening. Just make sure you look where you’re going when you’re rocking out to this song – otherwise you could make for an ‘awk walk’ next time you’re grooving around town.