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Song of the Day: I Am A Camera – Commuter Love

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I have a soft spot for sleazy synth lines, mid tempo dance tracks. It should be no surprise that I enjoyed the track Commuter Love by English duo I Am A Camera.
Sounding a bit like the band Client, this track definitely carries a steady groove and is set to be released Sunday December 4th. Check it out

I Am A Camera – Commuter Love by PurplePR

Song Of The Day: Wild Combination – We Are The Creatures

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“We Are The Creatures” is a pretty catchy, dancey tune and the first single from Essex based electropop band Wild Combination

They’re a pretty new band whose sound is a  little reminiscent of fellow Brits Foals, but they do have their own thing going on as well. Also, here’s a fun fact about the band –  it appears that all of their gigs are free entry shows. This is a band that cares about saving you money.  And possibly making you dance.

Song of the Day: Grouplove – Naked Kids

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There’s something particularly enjoyable about narrative songs. Grouplove’s ‘Naked Kids’ is not only catchy but also tells a super fun story. The song is basically a three and a half minute description of a bunch of kids’ skinny dipping adventure, culminating in a final feast at a “back corner table, order lobsters and Black Label/Raise your glasses, here’s to living out our dreams.” God bless.

Even as a vegetarian, corporate cog, East-coaster I relate to that dream. Who wouldn’t?

Song of the Day: Matt & Kim – Good Old Fashion Nightmare

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I can’t help but think of Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas every time I listen to Matt & Kim’s “Good Old Fashion Nightmare.” It’s so light-heartedly eerie, so catchy yet creepy.

The pint-sized husband and wife duo bring their inexhaustible energy to this tune, which is super distinctive thanks to its simple keyboard-strings-drum soundscape. Their comparison of ‘lost teeth’ to ‘white jewels’ and ‘train yards’ to ‘bone yards’ are a little out of left field, but just right for the cold and dark days of autumn-winter. Put it on your ipod next time you take a walk through your city this fall. I bet you’ll push ‘repeat’ at least once.