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Vacation Preview: Peru, November 5 to 20, South America

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1x1.trans Vacation Preview: Peru, November 5 to 20, South America

In six days I will be going on my second vacation of the year. While going on vacation is something I do on a regular basis (well, whenever I have vacation days) – this is the first time I will go on an outdoor adventure type of vacation. It’s completely new to me – backpacks, hydration systems, gore-tex, wicking – these terms used to mean nothing to me. Now they matter more than ever, a strange case since hydration systems on my previous trips just meant finding a bar with good music.

My chosen destination for this trip is the South American country of Peru. It seems to be a country of destination for young adults in North America who want to experience some culture while being one with nature and getting good photo ops for their Facebook profiles.. While the mystique of this once proud Incan country has slowly eroded with the overabundance of tourists (and subsequent default pictures), it still remains something I have on my bucket list. Since a few of my friends have expressed interest in what I’m actually doing there (and really, it’s the only thing I’m thinking about), I’ve decided to write a vacation preview! I’m also writing this for security purposes – in case I’m kidnapped or something, you’ll know where to send Russell Crowe.

1st stop: Machu Picchu

Not just a below average Strokes song, indie music fans will be pleased to know it’s actually a Unesco World Heritage site. Machu Picchu is one of the former homes of the ancient Inca civilization. One of the premier civilizations in pre colonization South America, the Incans were sophisticated, smart and probably a little too trusting. Still, what remains of their civilization is a spectacular view to be seen. It involves a four day hike in high altitude without a fancy bathroom, martini bar or Uniqlo in sight. Probably the most challenging part of my trip, even more difficult than trying to get Frank to go to a nightclub in Barcelona.

The Strokes – Machu Picchu by UKPlaylist

2nd Stop: Amazon Rainforest

Despite the best efforts of pretty much every country in South America, the ever shrinking Amazon Rainforest is still there and I’m definitely looking forward to going into this mega forest where a single mis step can result in death via Jaguar, Anaconda or those tiny frogs. In preparation for this leg of my tour, I’ve been watching that Duran Duran video on repeat. Just realized that took place in Sri Lanka. Crap.

Step 3: The Mountains

Probably the most relaxing part of my tour is also my last. A short bus ride from Lima will find me in the town of Huaraz. From there we will go to some mountainesque lodge that seems rather relaxing and will allow me to try all kinds of outdoorsy things that I see in those advertisements for Mountain Equipment Co Op, I’ll probably feel more manly because of it.

Anyways, that’s my trip. I am excited to travel to a new continent and eat some good ceviche.

Stay tuned for a review in a few weeks

Great Music Moments in Movies: Lustra, Euro Trip

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1x1.trans Great Music Moments in Movies: Lustra, Euro Trip

Euro Trip was one of those underrated coming of age road movies that came out in the early 2000s. I think Vik bought it in the discount bin or something. The premise is as always, high school seniors decide to go on one big jaunt through Europe before going to college where their friends will all inevitably end. Not quite sure who was the star of the movie but I remember Buffy’s sister/Georgina Sparks was in it as well as the smoking hot Kristin Kreuk, someone who I’ve always thought would have had a better career than she did (maybe the Chun Li movie was a nail in the coffin?)

Anyways, Kreuk has a cameo in the opening sequence where the lead character discovers that Kreuk has been cheating on him and he learns this via a song…. sang by Matt Damon. The song itself is your simple So Cal punk track, titled Scotty Doesn’t Know. The song is by some band named Lustra who promptly disappeared off the face of this Earth after the track. Still, it was a funny movie and an underrated movie music moment. Check it out.

Subway Ipod Shuffle Diary – Bluetones, Rodrigo Y Gabriela, The Cribs & more

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1x1.trans Subway Ipod Shuffle Diary   Bluetones, Rodrigo Y Gabriela, The Cribs & more

I sat aboard the dilapidated and ancient seats on the TTC subway, heading to Kennedy station once again and I got to thinking – what can I do to better my time on this journey? I’m not entirely sure if this is a better way to spend it, but I decided to write down my thoughts for each track that comes up on my iPhone. Sadly, I only decided this was a good idea when I was at Broadview Station but here we go!

(these entries have been edited, otherwise it wouldn’t be very readable)


Bluetones – Autophilia.

This song is the underrated britpop band’s ode to the automobile from their 2000 album Science and Nature. Autophilia (Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love My Car) has a laid back, playful feel to it with a whistling solo at the end. I discovered this track (and The Bluetones) while trading best of compilations with random irc people on the internets. The good ole days.


Rodrigo y Gabriela – Stairway to Heaven

If you have never heard of Mexican duo Rodrigo Y Gabriela, do yourself a favor and watch some YouTube videos of them. they are simply amazing and put on a rockin live show. This is their instrumental flamenco cover of the classic Led Zeppelin song. It’s fantastic as expected and I’m a bit surpirse the shuffle would pick this as I just discovered the deleted scene in Almost Famous yesterday where the song gets played in it’s entirety. Sometimes I think my iPhone is psychic.


Timbaland – Give It To Me

It’s only fitting that my iPod picks a hip hop diss track as I enter district known as Scarborough (AkA Scarlem). Remember about four years ago when Timbaland, Nelly Furtado and Justin Timberlake were just destroying the charts? This track was released right in the middle of that and was a direct attack on Scott Storch, an up and coming producer who thought it was a good idea to attack one of the most popular hip hop icons out there. Bad move. This track has some hilarious lines, especially when sang by Justin Timberlake.

Timbaland – Give It To Me (Sameh Hashem Edit) by Sameh Hashem

Victoria Park

The Cribs – You Were Always The One

To still day, still my favorite Cribs song. I really liked the first Cribs record (pre Johnny marr) and this a pretty straight forward pop song with a catchy hook and more importantly, lyrics that get stuck in your head. I think memorable lyrics are underrated and The Cribs have always been good at writing those types of songs. Now if only they will stop ruining Kate Nash’s career.


A Tribe Called Quest – Can I Kick It?

One of the seminal early 90s hip hop tracks. This Tribe Called Quest song arrived when a large amount of intelligent hip hop was gaining prominence, eager to balance out the gangster rap acts on the hip hop prejudice scale. This is probably the most famous tribe called quest song but really, it’s good because of the Lou reed sample. Might be one of the most used samples in movie trailer history.

A Tribe Called Quest – Can I Kick It by Soundvibz

I have now arrived at Kennedy..until next time.

An Eulogy: Broken Social Scene (1999-2011, Coachella 2013-?)

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1x1.trans An Eulogy: Broken Social Scene (1999 2011, Coachella 2013 ?)

Toronto – In an interview published earlier today by esteemed online music journal Pitchfork Media, Kevin Drew of the popular Canadian rock band Broken Social Scene declared that the band was going on hiatus indefinitely after concluding their current tour for their most current LP Forgiveness Rock Record. Arguably one of the most significant bands to emerge in Canada in the past fifteen years, the 67 members of Broken Social Scene have done their part in shaping the landscape in Canadian music for years to come. Alumnus of the band have gone on to great success, especially bands such as Stars, Metric and of course, Feist. The abrupt news of their impending hiatus is sure to bring tears of sadness to many music fans all around.

My own experience with this Toronto band has surprisingly been quite minimal. I only saw Broken Social Scene once. It was 2009, during SXSW of all places. I was walking back to my hotel (the Sheraton..yeah THAT one) and it was about 1:15. As I was approaching Stubbs, I quickly remembered that BSS was playing there. Having never seen the band before, I decided to break my SXSW rule (never see a Canadian/Toronto band in Austin) and check out this act. Forgiveness Rock Record was about to be released later on in the summer and I was lucky enough to hear the track The Sweetest Kill performed then. It was a track I enjoyed. Kevin Drew then introduced some very special guests – Emily Haines and James Shaw to perform Anthem for/of/? a Seventeen Year Old Girl. The crowd went kinda nuts, and I was like “really? is this surprising? Metric is also playing at SXSW, what was the odds of this happening? 1 to 1?” Anyways, the two came out and then performed a beautiful rendition of the track. I then got hungry and went and got a panini, thus ending my first BSS experience.

My second/third BSS experience happened last year during the NXNE charity soccer game, Brendan Canning was on one team and I was on another and I ran into him almost full speed during the game. I kind of expected his seemingly frail body to collapse in a red hairy heap, but it turns out Brendan Canning is a beast on the soccer field so instead, he took the ball away and ran with it. He would later score a goal or two. This year I was in the same soccer game and at the barbecue afterwards, he made me a cheeseburger and I was rather happy about that, even though they used processed cheese instead of the real thing.

There you go, not only were Broken Social Scene important musicians to the industry, they are also people. People with real lives who have to move on, just like you or me. I never saw BSS here because I figured they would always play Toronto, and they would always bring random people on stage to sing songs, and I would always be able to roll my eyes and say ‘that’s so obvious’. Only now, it’s over and I lost my chance. That’s life I guess. The only blessing is that we won’t get to see any more crappy concert films disguised as some weird drama films like the one released last year. For that, I am thankful.

Best of luck to the band in the future, we’ll see you at your eventual reunion.

Broken Social Scene – 7/4 (Shoreline) by artsandcraftsmx