Hot Docs Review: Undertaker For Life! (Georges Hannan, 2022)


I’m not going to lie – a small part of me was a little disappointed to learn that Georges Hannan’s Undertaker For Life! (aka Croque-mort. C’est beau la vie!) was a film about actual undertakers and not a documentary covering the life and times of WWE wrestler The Undertaker. However, once I got over that initial disappointment, I figured I’d give the film a chance anyways. And while the life of a pro wrestler and that of an undertaker are worlds apart, one thing that the film makes clear is there’s at least one thing they have in common – much like wrestling, being an undertaker is not that easy, and it’s definitely not for everyone.

Examining the life of an undertaker through interviews with several members of the profession, Undertaker For Life! is an interesting look at the inevitability of death, the importance of grieving, what it’s like to do the job of an undertaker. It may not always be the easiest of jobs, but as the film demonstrates, it’s an important one.

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