Concert Review: Sunny Day Real Estate, April 26, Danforth Music Hall

A few songs into Sunny Day Real Estate‘s Wednesday night set at the Danforth Music Hall, frontman Jeremy Enigk introduced “Song About An Angel,” the third track off of 1994’s Diary, by noting that it was the first song written for that album, which they’d recorded about 30 years ago. He also commented on the fact that, yes, that does date them a little bit, though a quick glance around the room would suggest that a good number of the attendees looked old enough to remember the album coming out at the time, so I guess it dates them too.

Yes, it would seem that the occasion of a Sunny Day Real Estate show is all it takes to draw all the middle-aged emo folks (and the not quite middle-aged yet, but not quite young either) out on a weeknight, and they were out in full force to see the Seattle legends run through a set of classics taken from all four of their studio albums.

And it was indeed quite the set, one full of intricate guitar parts, big climactic moments, and a decent amount of singalong choruses. With highlights such as “48”, “Seven” and “In Circles”, Sunny Day Real Estate put on an impressive show that definitely left all the aging emo kids in attendance satisfied.

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