SXSW Review: William Prince, March 16, Swan Dive


So at SXSW, the day shows generally take the form of a showcase- usually each venue has a set of at least four or five acts that play and there’s a common element connecting them. Most of the time it’s either a record label, a PR group or in todays’ example a country. Almost all of these showcases dangle some sort of carrot for you to show up – the competition is high and so in most cases it’s usually free beer. However the people who have their shit together also have free food.

My first show on Thursday was unexpected – I had heard the Canada showcase had free food and this intrigued me. What was the food? Was this using my tax dollars? Either way it got me to show up to Swan Dive.

As I walked in, an artist was playing – I was still keen to get my food (DIY tacos) but something about this man’s voice compelled me.

That man was William Prince, a Juno winning country, folk and roots singer from Winnipeg. Normally I would say I’m not the biggest fan of singers accompanied by only an acoustic guitar, but I found William Prince’s set to be quite memorable.

Throughout his performance, Prince told tales that weaved into his track and you can see what each song means, even if it’s inspired by Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell. The story telling was immaculate and added a lot of gravitas to the songs.

The songs themselves were melodic, soulful and just sounded really nice. It helps that Prince’s deep voice really added a lot to the tunes. Some people were just born to sing and William Prince is one of them

William Prince’s new record Stand in the Joy comes out April 14 on Six Shooter Records.

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