SXSW Song of the Day: Big Bill – Society Man

Photo by Jackie Lee Young

Fun fact about Austin punk band Big Bill – their singer Eric Braden has almost the same name as the dude who plays Victor Newman on The Young and the Restless (who spells his name Braeden, by the way).

This fact, of course, holds no great relevance for Big Bill. After all, with the band having been around since 2011, they’re probably not all that young at this point, and I can’t really comment on just how restless the members of Big Bill may or may not be. What I can comment on, however, is the song “Society Man”, taken off of their latest release Public Freakout Compilation. And my comment on that particular tune is this: it’s a good one. Check it out below.

Big Bill plays The Creek and the Cave on Friday, March 17 @ 10:00pm.

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