SXSW Reviews: Los Bitchos, Park Jiha

20220315 Los Bitchos

Let’s recap some bands

Los Bitchos, March 15, Cedar Street Courtyard

This four or Five member English band (reads different depending on the PR) was an insanely good time. The London group consists of members whose backgrounds and influences span the globe and they did a great job blending differently worldly sounds into music. Often featuring polyrhythmic sequences mixed with guitars, keyboards and random vocals, the group got an exhausted crowd dancing and enforced their energy into the venue. A super fun time.


Park Jiha , March 16, St. David’s Bethel Hall

One of my favorite things I love about SXSW is that it will, much like Aladdin, show you the world. When I saw the description of Park Jiha – an artist whose music is a composition that incorporates traditional Korean instruments – I was sold. Partially because I watch a lot of Korean movies, but also, what are traditional Korean instruments?

On Wednesday night I found out – incorporating a Yanggeum, a saenghwang (pictured above) and a Piri (which honestly, sounds like a sax), Park Jiha played a mesmerizing set of beautifully composed music which spanned multiple genres. Some songs, especially the ones using the Yanggeum, felt like it could fit into your next classic Korean film while others featuring the piri would fit best at an after hour cocktail bar. A great introduction to a different type of music.

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