Song Of The Day: Girl Ray – Give Me Your Love

When Girl Ray first came onto the scene back in 2017, they caught my attention with the jangly, twee sounds of their debut, the cleverly named Earl Grey. When they returned a couple of years later with Girl, their sound switched to a much more overtly “pop” sound – an unexpected but welcome turn of events. It’s always great to see a band branch out and experiment with different sounds and Girl Ray managed to do so while still sounding very much like themselves. And now the London based trio is back with a new single which may be their best offering yet.

Produced by members of Hot Chip, “Give Me Your Love” is eight minutes of pure joy that seems tailor made for the dance floor. That it comes along with a Midsommar-inspired video that culminates in a dance party and romance instead of all the murder found in the original source material is just the icing on the cake. Check it out below.

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