Song Of The Day: Frazey Ford – U Kin B The Sun

If you think “U Kin B The Sun” is just some word play, wait until you hear Frazey Ford’s singing.

Her lofty, flighty, and wandering hold (and I use that word lightly) on the lyrics makes you wonder if the title shouldn’t have been shortened to “U Sun.” But it makes for delightful listening, especially if you are zooming down LSD* in a public transit bus.

I certainly can’t be the only person who wishes the lyrics were available so I can sing along until the classy fade out.

U Kin B The Sun is out now on Arts & Crafts Records.

*Editor’s note: LSD = Lake Shore Drive in Chicago and not the other thing that LSD often stands for. Technically, both would probably work in the context of this sentence, though you might not want to take the latter sort of trip on a crowded city bus at rush hour.

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