Song Of The Day: Wilderado – Surefire

Days are getting shorter, pumpkin spice is everywhere, and the urge to chill out (literally here in Chicago) and hibernate is among us. In the spirit of everything laid back, feel-good, cuddle up and tune in, we have the gift of Wilderado‘s new single, “Surefire”.

The quartet, from Tulsa, OK, has been producing highly acclaimed records since 2016, wowing critics and fans alike, most recently with 2018’s Favors EP. A few months ago, Wilderado was back in action with “Surefire” – a four-minute ode to all things father time, stars in the sky, and the meaning of life. The song is beautifully composed, with smooth lyrics and dynamic chords that will have you putting this song on repeat.

As the track itself says better than I ever could, “I’m a sucker for some harmony” and this is where I’m getting my fix this fall.

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