Song Of The Day: The Killers – Prize Fighter

You know what’s great? “Discovering” a new band. You know, that feeling when you stumble on a small, little-known group, memorize their music, and you have the sense you have something unique and pure and untouched? Don’t worry – I’m not delusional enough to think I have that special somethin’ with The Killers.


You know what is, if not great, still pretty darned good? Finding a song from a well-known band that maybe not SO many people know about – and claiming it as your own (along with probably a few thousand strangers). That song for me? The Killers’ “Prize Fighter” (from 2012’s Battle Born). It’s one of those classic songs every woman wishes was written about her (right alongside “She’s Always a Woman” by Billy Joel) and every listener can instantly jive to. Ladies? Listen your hearts out. Men – or women with lady friends – take a few notes – whatever lucky lady(s) are in your life will love to hear these lyrics fall from your lips!

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