Song Of The Day: Matt Berry – Are You Being Served?

matt berry
Fans of British comedy will recognize Matt Berry’s name from his work on shows like The IT Crowd, Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace and, of course, his absolutely brilliant turn as washed up actor Steven Toast on Toast Of London. But Berry is also an accomplished musician who’s released a number of albums over the years and he’s back again with another one, the recently released Television Themes (out on Acid Jazz Records).

Television Themes offers up Berry’s interpretations of classic British TV themes from shows such as Doctor Who, Sorry, and Top Of The Pops, as well as stuff like Rainbow and The Liver Birds that I’ve never heard of before – I guess those ones never really made it across the pond, although they’ve still got pretty cracking theme tunes.

Check out Berry’s version of “Are You Being Served?” below:

And as a bonus, here’s Matt Berry doing the Thames Television theme:

And … as a bonus bonus, here’s a clip from Toast Of London, just for the hell of it. YES!!

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