Concert Review: Sarah Longfield, July 29, Hard Luck Bar


While perusing the concert listings for something to see this past Sunday night, Wisconsin guitarist Sarah Longfield‘s name stood out on a bill filled with much more typically metal sounding monikers like Archspire, First Fragment and The Kennedy Veil. Upon further investigation, her music stood out as well – in a good way.

Backed up by a three piece band, Longfield put on a brief yet impressive show that put her guitar skills on display. While not fitting into the tech-death template of her tourmates, Longfield’s mostly instrumental music – technical, kind of proggy, kind of jazzy – definitely still fit in quite nicely as part of the Archspire-headlined Tech Trek tour. To put it simply, she shreds.

Check out the videos for “The Salient Voyage” off of her latest full length Collapse//Expand as well as non-album track “Stay Here” below:

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