SXSW Review: Soccer Mommy, March 14, Container Bar


Though Soccer Mommy were seemingly plagued by issues with the sound mix in their monitors, there certainly wasn’t anything noticeably off about their sound from an audience perspective during a Wednesday afternoon set at Container Bar. Live, the band put on a solid performance despite any issues as they ran through a short set dominated by songs off of the recently released Clean with some of the highlights including “Your Dog” and the somewhat Julie Doiron-esque “Still Clean.”

Soccer Mommy the band does not feature any actual soccer moms but is in fact the project of 20 year old Sophie Allison. It started out as a bedroom recording project before blossoming into a full band and while there’s still a bit of that lo-fi bedroom pop vibe in songs like “Blossom (Wasting All My Time)” and the aforementioned “Clean,” the tunes also have a fair bit of sonic heft and depth to them.

While Allison’s music has indie rock as a sonic touchstone and she’s stated that she’s taken influence from the likes of Avril Lavigne and Taylor Swift, she chose a song from a songwriter of an earlier vintage to cover as one of a pair of solo songs she played without the band towards the end of her set – Bruce Springsteen. And even if it is one of the more commonly covered of The Boss’s tunes, her stripped-down version of “I’m On Fire” sounded absolutely lovely.

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