SXSW Review: Gang of Youths, March 14, Empire Control Room


Some bands seem primed for the big time. Gang of Youths appear to be one of them. An Australian band that are popular in their homeland, this gang appears ready to tackle this side of the pond and they made quite an impression on Thursday night. Lead by the super charismatic David Le’aupepe, the group blazed through one stadium-primed anthem after another. The group has mastered that quiet-building up-loud sing along chorus art that is the formula for mass success. Tracks like “My Heart is a Muscle” and “Let Me Down Easy” already had a dedicated fanbase on Thursday and it’s easy to see why. They are just solid, positive rock songs.

It’s also a bit startling to see the group’s mantra, which is to preach positivity. I guess they’ve been through some rough things but the message that was constantly delivered by David Le’aupepe was pretty clear – you are pretty awesome. It’s kinda nice to see, if just a bit preachy at times. It’s almost like Gang of Youths are those bros you see and think you might think you dislike in school, but then they are all about saving the world and helping out and you are like, who are these guys?

Judging by their set on Thursday, the world is about to find out who Gang of Youths are.

Also, they have a pretty sweet band name.

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