Concert Review: The 9 Singer-Songwriter Showcase, February 9, Black Cat


Friday night at Black Cat was a celebration of local artists. The passion project of DC singer-songwriter and neo-folk artist Justin Trawick, The 9 singer-songwriter series brings together nine (which only makes sense) DC artists of different musical styles to delight and dazzle the crowd.

Featuring Nardo Lilly, Elena and Los Fulanos, Josh RD, Rock Creek Kings, Ginny Hill Project, Sol Roots, Sarah Jane Burgess, Andres Gallego, and organizer Justin Trawick, the night was full of spur of the moment collaborations, audience sing-a-longs, and go-proing (by one enthusiastic fan/friend). Every artist started the night with two songs and ended with a final song as an encore. Josh RD rocked it with a punk/folk song about ending a poisonous relationship (which he sang with a huge, infectious smile), Ginny Hill twanged out a lovely country piece about falling in love with a person, which makes you fall in love with a place (so true), and Sarah Jane Burgess won the night with a laugh out loud funny song about a boy breaking her heart when he left his Columbia Heights apartment for a house in Ballston of all places (why????).

If you want to experience local music and you have a taste for diverse styles and community flavor check it out!

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  1. BHillenbrand

    Oh come, man! Of course any reasonable D.C. girl would be brokenhearted if a guy moves to Ballston! Sarah Jane–she of the great voice and very clever lyrics–explains that she is not a Costco sort of girl, that she’d have to dial a 703 area code to talk with the guy or even worse take the dreaded Blue Line — and besides every other girl in NoVa packs a gun. Dump the guy, Sarah. This is agreat song which I bought on her album, “Department of heartbreak” on iTunes.

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