Song of the Day: The Rebel Light – Where Did All the Love Go

The Rebel Light isn’t a companion to Budweiser. The band has even beaten us to the punch, having directly printed a beer bottle on their album cover.

Opening with an instrumental chorus that likens to the victory lap theme from a disco movie, “Where Did All The Love Go” is at once bright, warm, and yet very consciously tacky. Just like all summers in the arctics will be from now on, with a side of mosquitoes. Actually, more like a main course of a tera-ton more mosquitoes. And just like a mosquito, it is a resilient ear-worm that has proven difficult to suppress since it first hatched from the sticky, sweaty waters of Summer 2016. Why it’s so enduring will always be a mystery to me, just like why we don’t just gene-drive all mosquitoes into oblivion.

Yes, I am making an indirect, incomplete, and invective comparison between disco, this song and mosquitoes. We don’t know why any of this is necessary: it’s infectious and we all loathe it in some major way but damned we will be if we eradicate it. It’s perhaps just nice to know that you have something familiar to fall back to – even if it does transmit parasites that kill millions of people each year (obviously not this song). Now that is the proper time to ask the question: “Where Did All the Love Go?” Enjoy!

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