Song of the Day: Joseph Shabason – Long Swim

I sometimes listen to random things. Take this one for example. Start with something that is immediately soothing but quickly runs repetitious to the point of being cold and suffocatingly mechanical. “Long Swim” directly reflects its name when it begins. However, as it evolves it becomes more of a city-scape.

Wake up in any major city at 3:00 in the morning and you will hear some monotonous, droning noise. And you just crave some human interaction. Please, anything but that garbage lift’s 3 notes of torture! When that sax chimes at full blast, you are almost grateful. Finally! Some organic voice! Even if it’s just to talk about the weather. But very soon your mind adjusts to the new equilibrium, and you find that shameful thought peeking through your mind – the annoyance at this voice, even if it’s another human being, one that you wished for just minutes ago. Stop talking about the weather all the time!

And then it does, it does. And you’re sound asleep again, perfectly comfortable in the knowledge that it was a waking dream and your demented mind had no part in its making, you were certain. This is ambient music, I suppose. It’s conducive to auto-dialogue. And it’s ambiance with a twist.

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