Monday Song Reviews – Warpaint, Little Dragon, Waxahatchee, Pony, Hachiku, etc


Every Monday, Spotify suggests me a new playlist. So I decided it’s a decent idea to listen to these new tracks since this is a music blog and all. So here are some tracks I heard today and my initial (aand final) subject matter expert thoughts on this. You will have to look these up yourself if u like it because I’m too lazy to do anything beyond what i did here today.

Edit: I have embedded it at the bottom, because I love you all so much.

Knox Fortune – Help Myself
Fairly forgettable song

Polica & Boys Noize – Lipstick Stains
Minimal sounding song that lacks hooks. Pretty much sums up Polica.

Big Dipper – LaCrois Boi
Another minimal low key song that takes advantage of a cultural moment in 2017. No one will listen to this in a few months. Similar in vibe to Chet Faker, where is he now?

Mount Kimble and James Blake – We Go Home Together
Another down tempo, quiet track. I realize it’s Monday and Monday’s are depressing but man, Spotify, shake me up yo.

Warpaint – New Song (Soulwax)
Soulwax??? what is this, 2003?. I really like the original version of this song by Warpaint and remixes generally ruin songs but Soulwax was somewhat entertaining back in the day. This song adds additional beats and extends the ending with additional beats and beepity boop sounds. Nothing spectacular but doesn’t ruin the song, so for a remix, this is a thumbs up.

Waxahatchee – Silver
Having seen Waxahatchee live before and knowing some of their back catalog, I knew what I was expecting. This was an upbeat tune and the guitars remind me of New Order circa the 90’s or perhaps a bit of the Cure, not a bad idea.

Cymbals – Decay
I like the strings in this song. Good mix of sampling and vocals in this track, there’s some complexity there I wasn’t expecting. This is a good song

Little Dragon – High
I’ve been a casual fan of Little Dragon since their inception or since someone told me about them. This song features Denzel Curry and Twelve’en on it and has a great chill mellow lounge feel to it. The addition of the guest vocals is a nice change of pace for Little Dragon. It almost has a ’90s r&b vibe to it, which is fair since every kid these days dresses like it’s the ’90s. I would listen to this song again.

Yehan Jehan – Phantom’s Boat
Not a whole lot that separates this song from the slew of random songs I listen to.

Luwten – Indifference
It’s funny this is the title of the song, because this is kind of how I feel about this song. There’s a nice backing vocal but I feel like this is every indie song.

Pony – DIY
I like this song. Sounds like a less rock version of the Dollyrots. It’s got so-cal guitars with a catchy chorus. I’m a sucker for that type of sound

August Eve – Ghost
Piano driven ballad, whoever is singing this has a nice voice and it’s a tune I enjoyed the one time I listened to it.

Hachiku – Moon Face
This song has a very cute intro. What makes a cute intro? I’m not particularly sure. Egg shakers? I like this song, it’s like a dreamy twee track. A nice track for when it’s 12:30 am and you are in a room full of people and you want to remind them that bedtime is soon, but in a nice way.


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