CMW Song of the Day: Wolkoff – While You Still Can


Wolkoff is a Canadian turned Brooklynite singer who appears to be quite the global traveller. According to some interview she did in 2015, she went to school in Paris, worked in Tokyo, and farmed in the Chinese countryside. Is she actually a spy? I don’t know. Anyways, she writes pleasant synth pop tracks that you can totally be playing at H&M. The track While You Still Can has a nice low key chilled vibe to it and I have determined that it’s could be a great way to start off a whirlwind CMW. I believe she has a new album coming up. It’s really hard to google her since Melania Trump hired someone with the same last name and so she’s now lost in the internet search engine shuffle.

Anyways, she plays Revival on Wednesday at 10pm.

Recommended restaurant pre-show: Bar Isabel

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